Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving While Pregnant
Before, Adam & I were living with our room mates Shannon & JT, around the same age as us. Early 20s. There was plenty of space, but we thought it would be a smarter idea to move in with his mom 15 minutes north in Woodstock, Georgia so that we didn't have to pay rent or utilities, since only Adam is working right now, and so we can save some money up. We moved our clothes, some bathroom stuff, and little trinkits the two days before and then last Thursday we piled all of our room mates stuff and all of our stuff in one big moving truck and headed for Woodstock, since they are moving to new apartments in Woodstock too. I couldn't lift any of the big stuff obviously, but i'm still very tiny so I was carrying as much as I could. We lived on the top floor (3 stories) at our old apartment...once the day was over, we put everything in storage and got everything to his mom's my back was done for. My lower back hurt so bad! Then on Friday I woke up and could barely make it down to the kitchen because my calves were so sore...it felt like my first track practice in high school. For the last few days now my back has still been kind of sore, i've been super tired, and kind of stressed from all the new surroundings and moving so on. I think I may have over done it. Advice though...don't walk down a bunch of stairs and don't carry anything, just opt out of the whole moving experience and let everyone else take care of it, it was too hard on me that is for sure. But now that we are here and all settled in I feel a lot better, and like it here A LOT better. 

The mess of hangers I had to deal with, poor Snickers exhausted from all the trips and running up and down the stairs following us while we were putting everything in the truck, and the big truck we loaded everything into!!

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