Sunday, July 22, 2012

9 months

36 weeks

I hope everyone liked my maternity photos, I got a lot of the ideas off pinterest. I am finally 9 months, I thought this was when pregnancy was supposed to be done, but apparently I was misinformed & pregnancy is a whole 10 months long :) I sure do love these little baby movements though. At the doctor I only gained 2 more lbs, but then again its only been a week this time, so I'm gaining like 5 every two weeks. Blame the sweets. Matthew's heartbeat was 142. The doctor tried to figure out the position he was in & commented on how good my muscle tone was, & that because of it, he couldn't tell. Hopefully we will be able to know by next time, but after feeling my cervix he assumed the baby was head down. I was also tested for the strep b, awaiting to hear results on that. My hospital bag is finally packed & everything is ready to go!! 

How Far Along? 36 weeks/9 months
Total Weight Gain? 40 lbs
Maternity Clothes? It's been super hot, so i prefer hanging out in my room w/ a sports bra & boy shorts now
Sleep? Dreaming again, switching from left to right, & waking up to use the restroom....
Stretch Marks? Nope :)
Best Moment Of The Week? Maternity photo shoot & packing the hospital bag
Miss Anything? Hot shrimp, & caffeine
Food Cravings? Fruit, & ice cream
Anything Making You Sick? Hamburger meat doesn't sound appealing, but it isn't making me sick really
Gender? Boy
Movement? Slowed down, once in a while I get those jobs/kicks, have felt kicks in my ribs twice now...OW. He likes to move when I get in the bath, wake up from a intense dream, or when i'm trying to fall asleep, especially after eating
Labor Signs? No
-Mild menstrual cramps in my lower back
-Pressure in my abdomen
-Peeing every 15 minutes
-Super tired
-Pain in my heels
Belly Button? Flat
Mood? Nervous & Stressed/Anxious
Looking Forward To? THE BABY BEING HERE. My mother had me 17 days early, so I wonder if Matthew will be as impatient as I was :)

I finally have a baby the size of a watermelon growing in my tummy :) He is about 6 lbs & 20 inches long!! 

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