Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hospital Bag

Unfortunately my phone pictures are not cooperating so I'm going to have to find the items I used from the internet. The main items were my bag, Adam's bag, & the car seat. Below is a list of the items that were in the bags :) I used a lot of different websites to figure out what I wanted to pack, a list from our childbirth class, & referenced back to some blogs to see what the other mommy's had packed for their visit to the labor & delivery!!

Mommy's Bag 

-Robe(it's very comforting to wear your own clothes, rather than a gown that opens up in the back & doesn't have sleeves) mine was furry pink w/ sleeves, but I would suggest bringing a longer one then I brought, it was a little short, especially with my belly.
-Going home outfit for me ( I wore yoga pants & one of Adam's tee shirts, another one I might recommend would be a summer dress, anything that doesn't hug your body & isn't tight, your sore everywhere)
- Massage tools (I got a three legged torquise plastic massage tool for my back, 3 pink tennis balls that I put in a sock, & a long rice heating pad)
-Dr. Sholls socks (two pairs were needed for me) they stick to the ground so you don't slip & keep your feet warm during labor & after)
- Lots of quarters for the vending machine!!
-Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Razor, Q-tips, Make-up remover, Germ-ex, Hair ties, Headband, Lotion, Hairbrush, Make-up, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Floss, Chap stick, deodorant.
-Gel pads for breastfeeding
-Ipad & Charger
-Phone & Charger
-Parking Pass
-Insurance Card & ID
- Flip Flops
-Beach Towel
-Birth Plan
- Camera & Batteries
-Two nursing bras
-A comb (Pressure to apply to your hand to reduce pain of contractions)
-Suckers & Mints
-Notebook w/pen
-Large underwear
-Wash cloth
-Eye mask
-Scentsy (a wax candle, everyone could not stop complimenting on how great our room smelled & it made me feel at home when it didn't smell like a hospital)
-Birthing ball
- Water spray (handheld)

I honestly used everything, its better to be over packed than under packed. I also had to stay an extra day.

-Going home outfit
-One diaper & wipes
-Going home blanket
-Car seat
-Scratch mittens

Daddy's Bag
-Swim suit
-Tooth brush, tooth paste & other men toilette tries
-Scrubs (I made them)
-Flip flops
-Phone & charger

I camera is back in action, finally got my original picture up :)

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