Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2 Months Old....

Little man is now officially 2 months old. I feel like he is growing so incredibly fast. He is so different from the day he was born in so many ways. We haven't had our 2 month checkup yet, but I'm guessing he weighs around 12 lbs, we will see next week. He is a little chub :) I love it. This onsie is a 0-3 month, but I could barely button it around his thighs. 

He loves the light on the camera, so he tends to look directly at it. I was clapping my hands while taking the photos, he almost looked shocked from the noise I was making, also using dog toys w/ squeaks helps you to get them to stop crying because they are so focused on the noise your making. He stars directly at us now, & he follows us when we walk away from him (with his eyes) & he will watch a toy in front of him, watch the TV  stare at a light or stare at Snickers (our puppy).

We have been going on a lot more outings now that he is in the clear to go out & such. I don't like to take him out too much, only because I don't want a bunch of strangers coming up to us & spreading their germs haha. As you can see some 0-3 month clothing are baggy, but for sure newborn no longer fits him. I can pretty much get him to smile on command. I have to talk extreme baby talk in a high voice, or I use his pacifier, put it up to his lips & then take it away & continue that, & for some reason he thinks that is so funny. We have gotten a total of 4 giggles now :)

He has been a lot more calmer. We know when he cries he is either hungry, needs to burp, needs a diaper change, or wants to be held. Some times he makes little fussy noises, but they don't last long (I think he just wants to listen to himself). He has started cooing more often now, he likes to talk when we aren't around, but if we start talking to him in his face he will open his mouth real wide & start cooing trying to have a conversation with us. 

It takes quite a few photos to get the smiley ones :) But I can't get enough of his smile & I love to show it off. We haven't yet started using the bumbo. He still can't really hold his head up, so it just kind of falls to the side or forward (when we did try it). He really just enjoys the boppy, swing, & nap nanny for the most part. 

These sleepers have been awesome. They are so lightweight, we don't even have to use a blanket. But if he starts to get real fussy in the night, we just undress him to his diaper & swaddle him with the Velcro swaddles. Zipping is so much easier than buttoning for some reason, maybe I'm just lazy. 

Bedtime is normally around 12 at night. We are night owls, because Adam's job is at a bar at night & mine used to be as well before I became a stay at home mommy. I have heard if you put them down around 7 they will sleep longer, but it wouldn't matter anyway, he is going to wake up around 12 either way. If were lucky we get around 5 1/2 hours normally. Some times we just have bad nights & it's every 2 1/2 hours. Keeping him swaddled, sound machine on, pacifier in mouth, & the lights dimmed. The first wake up is around 5, or 9 depending on when we went to bed. Then we feed him a 3 or 4 oz & sleep till 11. Some times I will just linger in bed, & cuddle with him. But Matthew isn't a huge cuddler yet unless he is really sleepy. 

Aunt Annie always picks out the cutest stuff for Matthew. She loves him & I love it. We normally place him on the boppy facing up. We are trying to work on tummy time, & when we do this is our best bet because he will hold himself up better because he has more leeway with his legs & upper body, & he won't cry as fast, but either way tummy time causing crying, unless we pat him on the back & he falls asleep, which defeats the purpose of tummy time. 

I can't wait till he starts smiling because of toys & other things besides us talking baby talk. My voice is literally scratchy from all the baby talk I've been doing just to see him smile. He hasn't really showed an interest in any toys at all, he doesn't even really like to look at them. The only thing about toys that interests him is the noise, but he still won't look at it, or even grab at one. 

I think this child defiantly has an attitude already. He makes the silliest faces at us, even raises eyebrows at us sometimes. This was while was looking at the TV. Some times you can tell he is fake crying to get attention even, but of course I give in every time. I just love all the hair he has, he doesn't fit into newborn hats, or even 0-3 anymore, they are too small for his big little head. 

We've been told that over using the pacifier in boys especially can cause emotional problems later in life, but honestly, he loves his pacifier, without it, its very difficult to get him to go to sleep or take a nap, or even calm him down from crying. When he is crying we give him the pacifier & he will keep crying, suck on it really hard, cry a little, and repeat that until he completely calms himself down. I think its hilarious when someone starts talking to him out of no where & he has the pacifier in his mouth he will stop sucking it while we are talking. 

He can't get enough of this swing, and neither can we. We normally put him in this after dinner so he can take a nap before we go to bed for the night. He is still taking 3-4 oz of formula whenever he wakes up from his naps & if we wait to long to give it to him he screams and screams until he gets it, even if its only been an hour. I breastfeed maybe once a day if that, I guess I just don't want to give up on it completely, anything is better than nothing, right? I can' t help but keep feeling this overwhelming since of guilt because of it. I think I just don't want to come to grips with the fact that I have given up with it. When I do breastfeed its normally right before bed, or in the morning when we are laying together in bed, I really cherish that time together, its so special to me. We have noticed feeding him upright keeps the formula completely down, & every time he gets fed laying down it comes right back up. 

Working on tummy time 5-10 minutes a day has actually been difficult. He really doesn't tolerate it, if we leave him like this in the picture above for longer than 2 minutes without patting his back he gets into a screaming fit that lasts forever, even after you pick him up and try to calm him down. It's so sad to see him cry that hard, he really just hates being like that on his tummy. 

I got him to stay pretty calm since I gave him the pacifier. I just love the imprints on the butt pants. They are so adorable. Carter's is such an awesome place to buy baby clothes, especially since they are always on sale. We haven't had much luck with this play mat, but we are going to keep trying because I know he will like it sooner or later. We have barely used our mamaroo at all, unless you hook our phones up to it and play music, he really doesn't like it. It doesn't swing/bounce enough to calm him down so he just sits in it & cries. 

Adam has been such an amazing help, I couldn't do this without him. Matthew & him share a bond just like Matthew & I do. We are actually progressing out of the size one diapers, my boyfriend's sister gave us huggies size 1-2, which I had no idea they made in between sizes, but they have been a little better than the ones, I'm just trying to make the 1s and the 1-2s last before I have to breakout the size 2s. They aren't hurting him or anything, but they are making his skin a little red, & I heard putting them in bigger diapers makes them more comfortable anyway, & helps them sleep longer. Also I wouldn't suggest buying any inexpensive wipes, I used some really cheap ones the other day to wipe his number 2, and the number 2 went directly through the wipe & onto my hand, I should have just used my hand. 


  1. Awe he is such a cutie. Love his smile

  2. cute smile! my baby boy doesn't like tummy time too and he is almost 3 months...guess we'll have to wait some more :)

  3. He's adorable. Love that last picture of him in the Batman outfit!

  4. Your little onesies are sooo adorable!!!!! :)

  5. Look at all those smiles! I have a two month old too and those cooing sounds and giggles are the best! I know what you mean about guilt and breastfeeding! I've been struggling with that for so long...I had to start pumping exclusively when my daughter was three weeks old because she would clamp down so hard I was usually in tears when I nursed her. I have to supplement with formula, but I agree with you, some breast milk is better than nothing!

  6. Love his little batman outfit, and my goodness! Look at at all that hair!