Friday, October 26, 2012

So, let me begin with happy 11 weeks my precious little one. NEXT, I MADE THIS ONSIE, I am officially obsessed with cardigan onsies, so obsessed that I have now made FOUR of them on my own. I originally bought one off Etsy (The one below) for 25$ & I made this one above for 8$ :) The one below only looks a little different because it's a six month onsie because I wanted it to fit at Christmas. They are super easy to make, & I think I am going to make some girl ones too. Maybe make a business out of this for fun.

This is the onsie I bought off of etsy, I love it still, just a little big right now :) Some times it is impossible to get this little guy to give up his pacifier for a picture. He is so attached, I need to hurry up & get rid of it now before he has emotional problems later in life (according to the news) lol. We will see. 

Health: I'm not quite sure how much Matthew weighs, or what his height is, last appointment two weeks ago was 11 lbs & 11 ounces, & 23 inches long. He grows everyday & defiantly is starting to feel a lot heavier. Us parents can feel it in our arms & backs!! I've noticed my little man is "stacked", he is more wide than he is tall :) We are having a little bit of sniffles at night, but I think its due to the weather changing & we are leaving our window open for a little cool breeze.

Nutrition: As sad as it is, I quit breastfeeding almost a month ago now. I blame it on low milk supply but along with just personal preference I guess. We were told to give half his weight, but we are still giving him 4 oz every 2 1/2-31/2 hours, he rarely goes 4 unless its during the long night time stretch. & at night we some times only give him 3 because he can't stay awake to finish the last ounce. I'm beginning to believe formula fed babies are chubbier than breastfed babies sometimes lol. We aren't having any tummy troubles & he isn't choking up as much, we have also improved on the spit up by holding up upward during/after the feeding. 

This little toy Vulli Teether, has really opened his eyes, literally. The link I put is for sophie the giraffe, but this is the same brand as that :) I just like the little alien looking ones more because they are more "boyish" I suppose. He isn't really interested in holding it, or chewing on it, but he loves the noise. I will admit it is quite the obnoxious noise, but his eyes are wide open when we squeak it. We are also doing better with sitting up in the bumbo, but his poor little head is a little wobbly.

We purchased this teddy bear before he was born, on the foot it says "My First Teddy Bear". I'm sure he will appreciate this more later, & play with it, but right now he just likes to feel it next to him. He still isn't a toy person yet, but we are progressing, today while he was on the play mat we did get a successful 15 minutes of no crying on. I played some baby music on my phone, I turn around & he has got ahold of some ringlets that hang from the mat & was swinging them back & forth for a good 5 minutes. He finally grabbed a toy & didn't drop it & "played" with it, proud mommy. 

Daddy is a Florida Gator fan, but mommy is a Jayhawk fan :) At least neither of those teams play each other at all!! We tend to go towards the teams where we were born of course, so who knows, maybe Matthew will want to be a Georgia Bull Dawg fan later in life. We sent Matthew's photos into a modeling agency called Young Faces Of Atlanta , Wish us luck!! Yes, we are the parents who would like to show off our baby everywhere :) 

Social: Matthew makes more & more noises each day, new noises & old noises. Today he made a really high pitched squeak that I had never heard. You can tell when you say "oooo" that he is trying to say it too. He will make a little noise first, & then finally make the "oooo" sound. He is watching & learning, that's for sure. Some times we put him in front of the tv on a boppy while we eat & he talks up a storm with the TV. It is so cute. I've noticed he only talks when you are talking to him, or when he is totally left alone, meaning "he can't hear you, alone". He also has started a new thing where when we give him his pacifier he will grab our fingers/hands so tightly that he digs his fingernails into our skin & it actually hurts, it's almost like he is trying to pull us in so we won't walk away!!

Clothing: Matthew is in 0-3 months, there is occasionally a six month that is decent enough to wear out :) But mainly 0-3 month & 3 month for sure. He is in size 2 diapers. We love pampers & huggies the best still. 

Matthew never really cries unless something is wrong. I have never had a time (hopefully I didn't just jinx it) that he cries for no reason. When you take the bottle away from him to re position or something during a feeding, you won't hear a cry worse than that unless he is in pain, which I saw during the vaccine shots at his 2 month visit. Which reminds me, please read Benjamin s Vaccine story at, Unfortunately this family had to deal with a vaccine gone wrong, but FORTUNATELY little Benjamin is OK. But now, I am seriously debating getting Matthew's four month vaccine shots. Any advice you guys have on vaccines would be much appreciated please.

I love this smile. He smiles all the time. I've never met a baby that was so smiley, but then again this is my first child so who knows!! His hair is getting so long, I don't think I ever want to cut it, haha just kidding, but for real its so soft & pretty blonde. He still has blue eyes, which both Adam & I are hoping don't change. I love blue eyes & so does he. We are getting a lot of drooling lately. Before he didn't really drool at all. but now he is making lovely spit bubbles!!

Sleep: Matthew generally sleeps around 4-5 hours depending on the night. I'm so thankful that I have Adam to help me switch off with the feedings so we get a good amount of sleep. Matthew likes to sleep a lot during the day too, as much as I try to keep him awake, he just won't have it.

Above are all the onsies I have made so far :) I can't wait to make some girl ones!! Aren't these just the cutest things?


  1. I can't believe you made those onesies - you are so talented! Are those little tags I see inside? I definitely think you could sell them.

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  5. Awe your little man is so Handsome .. Love his Cardigans <3

  6. Love the cardigans! I'm a fan of vaccinations even with my daughter being a preemie she never once got sick last winter even only weighing 4lbs. You could always look into a delayed vaccination schedule.

  7. I saw those a few weeks ago on Etsy, but I'm worried if I attempted to make them they would be a hot mess! Good job! Btw...another question for you. How did you get your "follow my on Pinterst" icon on your blog? I followed the directions on the pinterest site, but it isn't working worth a darn. Thank!

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