Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have now hit the 10 weeks, 2 1/2 months :) These weeks are flying by, its unreal. I always look through old photos & can't believe he used to be so much smaller. When your a mother, your with them so much, you can't even tell a difference. I think it's probably the same for lovers that have been together for years, they don't even notice. At his appointment last week, he weighed 11 1/2 pounds, & 23 inches long. I feel like he grows more & more each week. 

Clothing: We have Matthew in size 0-3 months. I've found that 3 month clothing fits almost identical to 0-3 months. However, this outfit above is a 6 month onsie, I purchased with out looking at the size for some reason, & when I got home realized it was & knew he wouldn't fit into it next year & it was only 5$, so I wasn't going to turn around & return it. Turns out, It was just a little baggy on the legs, not bad. The 0-3 month pants though fit a little too small, I feel like it might give him a tummy ache, they are too tight. We have him in size 2 diapers. Starting to see that all clothing brands, and all diaper brands fit differently. We really like pampers & huggies but on occasion get off brand diapers & the size two is too small. But the pampers & huggies size 2 fit perfectly. The size one was too tight on his chubby belly. 

Sleep: Last night we got almost 7 hours, I was super relieved. But most nights its more like 4 1/2-5 1/2, we only get the long stretches every once in a while. We are slowly getting him out of the swaddle, because once he is able to roll we will need a sleep sack & sometimes he sweats with an outfit & swaddled. Any recommendations on sleep sack brands? Still needs his pacifier & sound machine to help him sleep. He doesn't like bright lights at night, only a little night light. Very picky baby. He generally sleeps more during the day then at night, so maybe he has it all backwards. We can't blame him because our sleep schedule is so OFF.

Nutrition: Matthew is taking in 4 ounces every 2 1/2-3 hours. Lately I've been getting a few 4 hour stretches, he just seems very calm on his boppy some times & doesn't realize he is hungry. He spits up a lot after feedings so i'm trying to space them out & keep him elevated as much as possible. We are still using gerber good start formula. The pediatrician said babies will normally take half of their weight every 3-4 hours now, which would be like 5 1/2 ounces, but he barely gets down 4, so I'm not sure that i'm going to bump that up yet. 

Social Skills: He is cooing, ooing, & making all sorts of noises. He actually talks back to me, I make the same noises as him & he either mimicks me or makes his own noise, he even laughs & giggles at me. I had no idea that babies could be so smiley this young, but every time I make a face at him, pick him up, change him, or give him attention in anyway, he smiles, it's absolutely adorable. It's nice to get some recognition. Some times we catch him telling stories while we leave him alone in the swing, or on the boppy. 

He is sitting straight up in his bumbo, a little wobbly, but he has got it :) I'm so proud of him. We can only roll to our side, but on the boppy his head goes completely up, & he looks at us, so sweet. We are always getting lots of movement, his hands & feet are all over the place. He is probably burning all the calories he is eating. 

Still not showing much interest in toys, some times you will catch him trying to lead the pacifier into his mouth with his hand, but if I try to get him to hold a toy he just holds it for a second & drops it. He really likes the sound toys make, & the way they look, he just doesn't want to play with them. 

He loves standing up & being sat up, he never cries when we do either, I have a feeling he is going to be crawling/walking in no time. I know most babies don't walk till about their first birthday along with talking, but this little one is developing fast it feels like. We swore the other day he said HI, and mama, but it could just be his cries & coos or our mind telling us he is saying it lol.

He loves listening to daddy play guitar, it is very soothing to him. We have been leaving the door open in the living room to get some fresh air & he seems to enjoy that. So we keep his little hood up & socks on. For some reason this Georgia weather is so unpredictable that I can;t figure out what to dress him in every day, even on cold days if I put him in too cold of an outfit he starts sweating in it. 

He is on the move, & trying to get somewhere. He goes "uh uh uh uh he he he" when we make him stand or sit up its like he is huffing and puffing really fast, like he is getting super excited. His little body is so wobbly, but we can tell he really likes it. He makes a jumping motion when he gets really excited, even when he is laying down he will scootch him self up, or when he is sitting throw himself back. 

This is by far his favorite positon to be held in. I read an article on pinterest saying how modern families don't have much time to hold their babies, it's a few hours in the swing, straight to the boppy, straight to the bed, straight to the play mat, where ever it may be. Or even leaving them in their car seat at dinner, or long rides in the car. Experts are saying its causing head deformations & swaddling too tightly is causing leg problems. I believe it, it makes total since, if your head is flat on something all the time the back is going to become flat while the top grows tall, and the swaddling makes since as well. They said this is the best position to have the baby, because its a very natural position. Saying that baby carries with good neck support, and that don't swaddle the legs are perfect options, the baby bjorn was on the good list, so I'm good to go I guess :) 

Interacting with cousin Thomas at brunch the other day. We love J. Christopher's  its such a nice little restaurant with great breakfast/lunch food. Thomas is a pound bigger than Matthew & a little taller, he is exactly 3 months older. Thomas is a lot more interactive about the things and people around him, he likes to grab at Matthew. 

This shirt says it all. You never realize how much a baby changes your life until they get here. I've learned that it may be annoying some times to get advice. But experienced MOTHER'S know best, not experienced sister's, babysitters, aunts, so on. I've learned slowly that I should have taken A LOT of the advice I got before instead of ignoring it, thinking I knew better already with all my experience with kids. 

He finally enjoys being naked, only when its not cold, this is what our morning looks like, we like to read books in the morning to start the day & after his change out of pajamas he likes to be free for a little while. This was his face when I asked him if he wanted to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

Finally I had some success with the play mat the other day, he stayed entertained for about 20 minutes staring at the one toy to his left above him, I went & sat with him after a while & we looked into the play mirror & I smiled & he smiled back, so cute. I think we are going to be using this a little bit more now. I think he just has to be put on it at the right time. 


  1. Wow I can't believe how fast it's going. He is a cutie

  2. We have that playmat too and it hasn't been very popular :-( also, we quit swaddling at about 3.5 months cold turkey. The first night was rough but it's been smooth sailing ever since! I wrote a post about it actually.

  3. I like the Halo sleep sacks. I tried a couple others, but came back to Halo for durability. I used them on my older two from roughly 4-12 months. I had two fleece and two cotton. No sleeves. Pair themof with cottonthe or fleecethe pajamas, depending onon temperatures.

    Loved them! Used a size medium for that whole time ... so only had to buy four total. Get them when Babies R Us does buy one, get one 50% off - that's the best price I've found.

  4. Those smiles are too precious! :)

  5. seriously. your baby is sooooo cuuuuteee!
    he gives me baby fever. and his smile really melts my heart

  6. What a cutie! And it makes total sense about people not holding their babies more - it's so sad though!

  7. His smile is to die for! What a cutie! I totally agree, it's insane how fast they grow! It seriously feels like Beckett was born yesterday... But at the same time it feels like I've known him forever :)

  8. he is sooo cute!!!! i wanted to send you an email to reply to your comment on monkeys and tutus but it wont let me... send me an email at and i will send you some info :)

  9. Oh my goodness he is ADORABLE! :) New follower to you blog!


  10. Oh my gosh look at that belly! I cannot believe he is two and a half months old! Feels like just yesterday I was following your pregnancy!

  11. Your baby boy is absolutely precious! Just came across your blog and so glad I did:) Our baby boy is 8 weeks old:) We were right there together! Going to catch up some more on your fabulous blog!

  12. sooooooooooo cute, oh i love looking back at photos from when mini was that tiny <3