Wednesday, December 12, 2012

18 Weeks....

We finally had his four month checkup at the pediatrician. I ended up not spacing the shots out, & getting them all done, on schedule. I was really torn on the issue, but when it came down to it, I just wanted to get it all over with. Two small shots, & it was over. He actually enjoyed the one they put in his mouth, looking at the nurse wanting more. When I heard the "click" of the first shot, his face instantly turn bright read, and he was frozen in time in a scream face without sound, then 12 seconds later a shrieking pain cry let out. All I could do was kiss him & let him know everything was going to be O.K, along with giving him his bottle A.S.A.P. 

Health:  Matthew hasn't gotten sick yet, we have been blessed. I am quite worried about the FLU going around Georgia, & how fast it has spread this year. But hopefully staying inside & being super clean is going to help. I'm not FOR getting the FLU shot, I'm extremely scared of needles. Not trying to be selfish :( As you can see I'm very IFY about vaccines/immunizations. I think he is still beginning to teeth, nothing really coming in yet. He is just drooling a lot, & eating his hands so I'm guessing that is a small indicator, along with the random crying. The only other thing is since yesterday he has been fussy because of the shots, I've been giving him a .8 ml of Tylenol for now. 

Weight: 15. 2 lbs
Height: 25 in. tall
Head Circumference:  42 1/2Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Nutrition: We TRIED rice cereal. I have heard a lot of opinions on when to start food, & when to start which food, so on. I'm going to go by the sheet of paper my pediatrician hands me since I'm a first time mom, I can learn how to handle the second child from experience lol. It didn't go well. We got the single grain Gerber brand. I mixed it with his normal formula, to get a apple sauce consistency. I spooned it in his mouth & he screamed the whole time, it would either just sit in the front of his mouth, or drool out onto the bib. When I put it in his formula, we had to use a larger nipple size, he liked it, & he didn't throw up, so that was defiantly a PLUS. We are feeding him 4 0z every 1 1/2-3 hours depending on how much he sleeps or plays. He won't take any more or less at a time. The pediatrician said it was fine that he was eating so much, since the time span in between isn't long, be she did mention he may be getting greedy haha. We are going to try a vegetable with the spoon, so that he can get used to the spoon, because I don't think the taste of the cereal is good enough for him to want to try, or maybe we need to wait a little longer till his "swallowing" technique works better. 

Sleep: 8-9 hours a night. I still haven't tried sleep sacks more than a few times because he always seem to wake up with out the swaddle on, & he still hasn't learned to roll over anyway. Along with the fact that he sleeps in a rock n sleeper, so he probably couldn't roll over without being older anyway. I plan on taking the pacifier away around 6-7 months. I don't care if he is more attached at that point, but that's when I am going to take it away, because at that point he will be a much better grabber, & toy prone, so he will have more objects to get attached to instead of sucking the pacifier. If you are having a hard time getting your little one to sleep I would highly suggest
- Sound Machine
-Black out curtains
-Feeding right before bed & change diaper

Hat- Gap
UGGS- Nordstrom

Social: He is quite the little talker. Or should I say COO-ER. He loves when I put my hand up to his face, he will grab it with both hands, talk to it for about 10 seconds & then shake his head back & forth really fast with his mouth open & attempt to shove my hand into his mouth. So funny. He does it with his bear too, almost like he is talking to his food before he eats it!! He likes to make squealing noises when we make a pitch that is really high. He loves being scared, when we come out of no where & say BOO, or if we startle him he giggles. 

Clothing: There are a FEW, like 4 outfits that are 3 month that fit him, but the rest is 6 months, & now a few 9 month pieces. As soon as I sorted out the 3 month & put on the 6 month, there really wasn't much difference in the size. Go figure. He is in size 4 pampers, but can still squeeze into a few size 3 huggies. I heard it was better to put them in a size a little big on them because it helps them sleep. He has pooped OUT OF size 3 diapers so I believe that is a clear indicator that they are too small. 

Toys: Grabbing for toys, his grip is still loose, but he can grab toys for quite a while before he drops them. He is very in to shoving everything into his face & hearing them. He really enjoyed me hitting his mobile the other night, almost like he wanted me to break it lol. His pacifier is still his best friend though. He also enjoys his teddy, holding things seems to calm him down a lot. The smaller toys are easier for him to hold as well, or the ones that are easy grippers. 

I can't thank Adam enough for the love & help that he has given Matthew. He loves his child more than anything in the world. I am so proud of him for being such an amazing father & still being so incredibly good to me. We are just like every other new parent, stressed, tired, easily annoyed, but those moments make us stronger & we couldn't be happier that we get to share this awesome experience with one another & give our love & attention to our little one. They truly share a beautiful bond. 

I did a little wrapping. I'm very in to the brown paper look. I tried to add some glitter with modge podge, but it didn't turn out how I wanted to. These are just the presents I have wrapped for Adam, his family & Matthew. I haven't even started on my families gifts because I don't want them to get ruined on our 13 hour drive to Kansas, so I'll wrap them there. 

Weekly Baby Topic (new)

Nap Nanny

- Did anyone see the news story about the nap nanny recalls? I just want to let everyone know. I THINK THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Ever since I became a mother, I've been all over the recalls, and baby stories on the news. So far, all the recalls I have seen like the bumbo/nap nanny, shouldn't have been recalled. Its the PARENTS fault that they are being recalled. If you follow the warnings/directions that are directly on the product or on the sheet of paper, these things 99% sure wouldn't be happening. You can't expect to put the nap nanny on top of a counter, & not realize that, that may be dangerous & then try to sue the makers of the nap nanny? You can't obviously put a bumbo in the bathtub, by the dishwasher while your loading it, on the counter when you know something bad could happen. Parents are misusing the products. I personally feel like if you are keeping an eye on your child, following the product rules/warnings, then you aren't going to have an issue.

-Did anyone see the 9 month old babies swimming backwards? WOW. I totally think that, that may be an awesome thing for a baby to do, especially since they are saying it makes babies more aware & have better fine motor skills. I love the water, & Matthew loves being in the water. They said they are starting around 4 months, so Matthew is defiantly ready!! 

After a long process of waiting, sending pictures, forms, going in for an interview, waiting more, taking pictures, so on. After two acceptance stages,  MATTHEW HAS BEEN ACCEPTED INTO ATLANTA'S YOUNG FACES MODELING AGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love brown, kraft wrapping paper. I have tons of our gifts wrapped in them this year too! :)

  2. We haven't done the flu shot for my boys any year and they have never gotten more than the common cold (and a few days at home being cuddled by Momma never hurt did it?). Congrats on his modeling career!

  3. My girls who are 3.5 & 2 have never gotten the flu shot & my girls have only been sick once or twice in their life. Congrats on the modeling that's great!!

  4. I completely agree about the recalls. Those parents need to be recalled. Dummies.
    Btw- are those baby uggs? I die!

  5. We used rice cereal to thicken Claires bottles to help with her reflux. Also I recommend beachnut rice cereal its a lot better than gerber and no arsnic that you have probably heard about. Also try oatmeal for spoon feeding it has more nutritional value than the rice cereal and he will probably like it better.

  6. Matthew is going to be a little freaking exciting!!! Like I'm so thrilled right now for you! His little hat and boots are the cutest thing ever!

  7. I totally agree with you about all the recalls and how the parents are the ones who walk away when they are leaving their children in them. I can;t believe some people sometimes lol.
    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for one of those Leibster Awards. Check out the link below!!!

  8. Oh my gosh I love all of the outfits! xx

  9. OMGosh he is just too cute! The lil booties!!! AHHHHHHH Congrats on getting him into the Atlanta agency. I was just booking kids in Atlanta but didnt go that young for our project. :) Small world!.