Wednesday, January 23, 2013

24 weeks old....

First of all, I can't believe it's almost February. Time flies when you have a little one on your hands. We sure have ourselves a little bundle of joy here. Is it bad that we are already getting baby fever, & we have a baby? 24 weeks ago, it was "I don't think we can do this again", now its "we can't wait to give you a little brother/sister". Oh jeez. 

Health: I can for sure say that Matthew did not get the FLU that Adam & I got a few weeks ago. Matthew has yet to experience sickness yet, but has had a lot of runny noses. I think it may be from all the teething. We put our nose sucker to good use, Matthew did not enjoy it. He is experiencing a flaky scalp lately? I don't think its cradle cap, its not that bad, just a few flakes, maybe I didn't scrub the shampoo off good enough? Who knows.
Weight: 17 lbs
Height: 26 in. 

Hat & Onsie similar 

Nothing clear yet obviously. I'm so awaiting the first word, its making me anxious. Occasionally I think I hear "mom" or "yeah" but its mainly just a bunch of babble. Matthew is really into pinching faces, putting his hands in mouths, & touching faces all together. It REALLY hurts when he pinches, I can't believe the grip he has. He loves to look at Snickers & grab for her, but she runs away, & fast. He has completely accomplished whipping his head towards every voice he hears & watching us intently as we walk back & forth past him. 


Sleep: We ditched the rock n play as you all know. Matthew is sleeping in the nap nanny next to us in bed again. He sleeps anywhere from 8-12 hours. We are still swaddling. Tried to put one arm out, that was a no go. Anyone have advice for transitioning into the sleep sack? He knows how to roll over now, & he is all the place. I woke up the other morning to him upside down with tummy against the nap nanny, face down, & I tell you what, I FREAKED. Thank goodness he had already woke up, but it really scared me. So I defiantly need to get him into the sleep sack. 

4 ounces of Gerber Good Start Formula every 3-4 hours, along with 1 baby bullet cup serving twice a day, one in the afternoon & one at night. I normally do the new food we are working on during the day, & then give him a yummy fruit for dinner. I use the Baby Bullet, but if the food is soft enough already I just mash it in a bowl. We really cut back on the rice cereal, we maybe use it once or twice a day now, compared to every feeding like we used to. He has done really well with not spitting up & if he does it isn't a lot, so it has worked out nicely. I will admit Matthew has tasted a candy cane, & ice cream cone, but we literally just brushed them both on his lips, just for fun. I've heard a lot of controversial outlooks on the rice cereal & the internet talking about "arsenic" so as paranoid as I am I don't want to use it very much anymore. So far Matthew's menu consists of all organic:
Sweet Potatoes
Mum Mums
Onsie similar 

Toys: This child is officially obsessed with toys. I can finally say that if you sit him down without a toy he is going to loose it. He grabs for everything, even if its far away, he throws his body towards it. It doesn't matter where he is, or even if he face plants, he is going to get the toy. It's impossible to eat with him, or carry him into a post office like I attempted today because he takes his hands & screams to put everything in his mouth, or throws everything on the floor. He has a hard time grabbing balls & blocks, but anything he can easily grab he is all over. I like to just sit him down in the boppy & put an abundance of toys around him. That normally keeps him preoccupied for at least 30 minutes. He is doing REALLY well sitting up. He can sit up from anywhere to 1 second- 30 min just depending on his balance. We keep the boppy there just in case the 1 second happens lol. 

Adidas Jump Suit

Clothing: Matthew is in 6 month clothing. I attempted to put a 3-6 month onsie on him the other day & his poor shoulder blades were too wide for it. We have him in size 4 diapers, pampers or huggies, we use either.  I would highly recommend staying away from the off brands, they may be cheap, but they are cheap for a reason, they suck. I also tried to put a pair of size 2 shoes on him today, but they didn't fit, the 4's are a little too big, so I guess if a size 3 exists, that's his size. My favorite brands are gap, carters, & old navy, but once in a while when I find the Under Armour, Adidas, Hurley at TJ Maxx I'm all over them :) 

Jacket similar 

Matthew has really been enjoying riding in the cart. We just discovered he could last week, & I was beyond excited. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, & when this is 10x easier then using the car seat, that's a plus in my book. He likes to hold on too, it's like he is just hanging out & chilling :) I don't normally throw on shoes for him when I go out, because they all fall off, his UGGS are probably the only ones that stay on the longest. 

I finally got my shopping cart cover. This is my dream shopping cart cover lol. It wasn't as cheap as the ones you see in store, but it was worth every dollar. The girl that did it, did an amazing job. I purchased it from Bella Sarah Boutique off Etsy. It is reversible, the other side is black mink. On each side it has a large pocket & a toy link. It also comes with it's own belt so you don't have to use the yucky store ones & it comes with that darling pillow, & the name embroidered. Matthew absolutely loves it, especially the pillow. 

He was having a lovely time in Target today playing with his toys, looking up at mama, & snuggling with his pillow. He really doesn't like when I stop to look at something, he normally starts crying, or screaming in a talking way till I get a move on. 

Little man was tired so we decided this was the best option ;) He stayed like this for the full 30 minutes that we were in the store. Totally relaxed. As long as he has his pacifier, all is good. I promise I will take the pacifier away before he is a year old lol. Maybe sooner. 

Feeding time is probably this child's favorite part of the day. Is it crazy that he even knows its feeding time by the little cup that holds his food & the spoon? He starts getting all excited. His way of showing me he is full is by trying to throw him self out of the bumbo or high chair, & trying to take his bib off over his head, & grabbing it, shaking it back & forth obnoxiously. His eyes completely light up as soon as he sees the spoon with the food on it, as soon as it gets close to his mouth, he grabs my hands, trying to grab the spoon, pushes it away, looks at it, & then opens his mouth to let me feed him lol, every. single. time. 

This would be an example of him looking at it & grabbing it before he lets me put it in his mouth. He has to examine it before it can be eaten lol. Defiantly his mother's child. It's actually difficult to feed him some times, I have to have Adam hold his hands down at times because its impossible to feed him without food going everywhere, & Snickers getting full instead of Matthew.  

More please?


Some times it is just easier to sit him in a bumbo, rather than buckle him into the high chair. I get lazy. This was his first time trying peas. It went well, he liked them. They were no fruit, but I think they were on his good list. I absolutely love the critical faces he gives every time the first spoonful of food goes into his mouth. 

We attempted the sippy cup. The box SAID that is was 5+ months, so I thought why not. I needed something with handles so he could try holding it on his own, but this was the only option I found. Do they not make nipple bottle sippy cups? Anyway, he didn't like it, screaming, dropping it, it didn't work out. We tried the Dr. Browns, & a Nuk one. Neither worked. I finally found a product on pinterest called the BA, I will let you all know how it worked when I get it in the mail :) 

Why yes, this is my 5 1/2 month old on his hands & knees, with no stomach touching the floor. I'm in shock, it's all coming so fast. He doesn't move anywhere yet, no army crawling, or anything, but he did this long enough for me to get a picture, so possibly going to crawl soon. His older cousin is 8 1/2 months & still army crawls, he is just wanting to skip the crawling & go straight to walking. Matthew rolls to places, & can inch forward a little bit on his tummy, but that's about it right now. As you can see, he wasn't very happy having to use all his muscle strength. 

Who knew a bath book could be so much fun. We were in the bath for almost an hour, & he wasn't even ready to be done yet. Just teething away on this little Munchkin book. We haven't been using the blooming bath because he is too big to fit in our sink, we may start bathing him with it in the kitchen sink because it's so large, but he really just enjoys baths with mama & daddy. We also just switched baby products from Aveeno to California Baby. My dad works in the health food industry & said California Baby was one of the best products on the market & it's only a few dollars more than Aveeno anyway, & the ingredients list makes me feel a lot more comfortable. So far, we love it. 

On his hands!! I can't wait till he is mobile. I remember when I was saying that about smiling & laughing, now we get that everyday & I'm ready for the mobile part :) I want him to chase after me & play without getting upset because he can't get to anything or anywhere. I may get annoyed when it starts happening, but right now I want it lol. I'm just glad he isn't stuck laying down or being held all the time & can sit up on his own now & play. 

You probably can't see it, but this is Matthew's first tooth. It broke through this last weekend, & literally the day after I took this picture, the tooth right next to this one on his right side broke through. So now he has TWO TEETH BROKEN THROUGH. Poor little boy :( He puts everything in his mouth. Hands are his favorite, since we are in control of them, they don't go anywhere. Currently we are using the following products for teething, I just ordered the Zoli teethers on amazon, so hopefully I can add those to the list as well. But if anyone has any other recommendations on teething products I am all ears. 
- Vulli Alien Teether
- Hyland's Teething Tablets
- Baby Tylenol
- Liquid filled rings (freezer)
- Munchkin fresh food feeder
-Baby Mum mums
- Mam mini cooler pacifier

These girls love their cousin Matthew. Even though their little brother is only 3 months older than Matthew, they still love coming to see Matthew & tell him how cute he is lol. Matthew loves hearing little girl's voices, the high pitch really gets him calm & happy. He was in his Kansas Jayhawk apparel supporting their win :)

I love this little guy. I think mom's need to take more pictures with their little babe's. 

I finally had my hair done again. I probably spend half my life in the salon getting my hair done. My mom was a hair dresser for 25 years, & I was her little experiment :) I went to school to do the same for 6 months, but ended up being a beauty school drop out, it was very time consuming. I'm just very thankful to have lots of hair school friends to do my hair now that my mom lives in Texas. I'm going to go blonder again for the summer, the ombre was just too much for me, & next time I want to go brunette again, please someone remind me that I know I look better blonde lol. 


  1. Oh my gosh he's getting so big. I love that cart cover especially cause it has that pillow, I may need to get Kendall one of those. I can't believe he's almost crawling already, such a big boy

  2. This will be the answer to your swaddled transition. Claire loved being swaddled and we swear by the Woombie and this particular Woombie has arm holes that unsnap so you can do one arm or both arms out. But it still remains tighter around the body to give the swaddled feel to baby.

  3. Oh also try an Amber Teething necklace I use one for Claire it seems to help keep her calm. She has had 3 teeth come in during the last week without much discomfort.

  4. I completely agree that us moms do need to take more pictures with our little ones! I realized that night that I do not have enough pictures of us together! Keep up the good work! As for the swaddling we had to stop around Thanksgiving because she kept breaking free no matter how we did it. Which is also when we moved her to her crib. It took a few nights for her to get used to it, but after that she did great. I just had to keep going in there and putting her paci in and now she sleeps from 8pm till 6:45am in her crib by herself all night.
    Hope this helps.

  5. He is adorable! love his outfit on the 1st pic!
    Lucas is teething too and he loves Sophie the giraffe and the munchkin fresh food feeder too.

    I love your hair! I want to get mine done too but I hate spending half my life at the salon like you say hahahaha

  6. Love his hair! And the shopping cart cover is awesome!

  7. I can't believe how big he is! And I swear he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  8. Baby fever already? Lol. Had I'd been able to choose I would have spaces my second and third out more. I love my girls and I know they'll be close but having 2 under 2 is crazy!

  9. Tommie Tippie has a sippie cup that comes with handles. You can buy the regular bottle then put the nipple on the top. I bought both at Target.