Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 Months Old....

You have to be kidding me. It never really hits me, until I'm writing a new post on it. My child is half a year old (when you say it like that, it makes it feel even weirder). 6 months ago this itty bitty little baby was staring into my eyes, begging for food actually, haha. I fell in love with him when he was inside of me, my heart melted when I saw him for the first time, you never really realize the difference until you see it in pictures. So far, these 6 months have been such an amazing experience. There are always downs, but there are SO many ups. 

The last 5 months haven't all been easy "shots". There was some crying, no smiles, so on. But this month, it was a whole other ball game. He wanted everything on the side table, throwing it off, wanted to get down, wanted to roll over, wanted to stand up, wanted to play with the blanket, wanted to mess with the camera. Jeez, I am assuming it is all going to get even harder. It takes quite a while to get that perfect photo lol, don't let all my photos of him smile fool you. Some times they really are super easy, just squeak something, or sound ridiculous, but some times its really hard. 

I love colored skinny jeans. They suddenly look great on men, women, & babies!! I almost bought Adam the matching pair at Target. He is such a little stud. My younger sister called them "fagtastic", but technically she is allowed to say it, lol, if you get where I'm coming from. Anyway, I think they bring out his eyes & he is rockin them.  

Taking his second ride in the swing. I didn't have my phone for the first time. He absolutely loved it. Totally gah gah over it. His favorite part is coming down, i'm sure he feels that little rush in his tummy. Some times we catch him & kiss him all over, he thinks that is pretty funny. 

I'm sad to see this hat go, I got one last picture of him in it :( It's too small for his big  head!! It matched his UGG boots perfectly!! I should have gotten a bigger size. Look at those blue eyes, I really hope they stay blue. They are so pretty. 

He is still using the pacifier. He loves this thing, I don't want to take it away from him just yet. I'll let a couple months more go by, just a couple, I promise. 

This is what happens with daddy brushes his hair after a bath. He looks like he has a square head, this will not do. 

Holding the bottle all by himself & telling me to stop creeping while he is trying to eat. 

Taking a walk around the neighborhood. We didn't realize how cold it was until we were already ready, & had everything ready to go. When you have a baby, you don't just walk back inside, it took forever to get everything together, so your gonna go!! 

Play date with miss Riley. Matthew loves little girls, mainly because of their pretty faces & high pitched voices. I never realized how incredibly impossible it was to get a photo of a 6 month old & 2 year old looking ;) Riley...."Is the camera over here". 

We decided to go out for some sushi & hibachi  It was delicious, some times I want to share with Matthew so bad, but I remind myself that I'm too paranoid for that & he could probably have an allergic reaction!! I'm so anxious for him to grow up more & more, but I know I'm going to want it all to slow down too. Some times we are able to get the car seat in the booths at restraunts & some times the car seat is too big, it can be a pain. I'm just glad he can sit in the high chair now, so we are going to start using that, as long as they don't put us at "high" tables again. 

On occasion, the crying becomes a little, well, pathetic. As in, it's really cute & funny. I just couldn't get enough of his little face the other day. He was having a separation anxiety day. I literally couldn't sit him down ONCE all day at all. 

Matthew's first time trying MANGO. I'm not sure that he was so sure about it, but that's maybe because it was still a little cold. He didn't scarf it down like bananas, but he ate it, that's all I'm asking for :) I also made this bib for him. I have made him a lot of KU stuff, but I figured I'd better make him some stuff in daddy's favorite team. 

I went out for my very first time since Matthew was born. It was only out to a dinner, but hey, that counts when your a mommy right? I was excited to celebrate one of my friend's 21st birthdays. I had a few sips of a chocolate martini, but honestly, it tasted horrible, what a waste of 7$. 

& since I have suddenly converted to talking about myself, let me add that these are my pre pregnancy jeans & I have been pulling them up all day. WOO, weight loss success. They are super baggy!! 

I decided to get back into some sewing this week. I made these burp cloths & taggie for a friend back home.  I absolutely love this print. I also made Matthew a Gator shirt & a Gator bib. I do not have my own etsy shop, because I'm not that good, but it's a fun little hobby :)

Health: Matthew is a healthy little guy. He has yet to experience sickness, thank goodness. He had a pretty harsh diaper rash the other day on his bottom, he went #2 at least 7 times. It must have been all the solid foods. He had his first fall, along with his second fall in the same week. The first one happened when Adam was carrying his guitar & Matthew at the same time & Matthew extended his body causing Adam to loose grip of him & both of them ended up falling to the ground, Adam thinks he broke the fall at least, but Matthew had a HUGE bump on his head. A little bit of crying, & a ice pack & he was fine. The second one happened in my care today :( I left him for 45 seconds, on a bed, surrounded by pillows & sure enough he apparently crawled over them & fell off the bed, but our bed is SUPER low. Its just completely heart breaking with stuff happens like that to your little ones. I'm not sure on his height or weight, we will find out next week at his 6 month check up.

Sleep: He slept a whole night in the pack n play, on his tummy for 8 hours. It was awesome, but I felt like he was too far away & we put him back in the nap nanny buckled in with a sleep sack. He has gone almost a full week with out being swaddled. The first night was a doozy, but after that he was solid. We also got a sound machine that projects images onto the wall, & the sound is much more quality on this one, then the little ball we had. It's still the ho-medics brand though. He loves it. Yesterday he fell asleep to me kissing him & daddy playing the guitar, it was the most precious thing ever. 

Nutrition: Matthew tried mango & kiwi these week. Both of which he liked, but he never finished the kiwi servings. I think the taste was just too tart for him after a while. He actually got one of the seeds up his nose at one feeding & freaked out. He is taking 5-6 ounces, some times even 7 every 3-4 hours now. We feed him 2-3 times a day with solid food depending on our schedule. He doesn't spit up much anymore at all thanks to the solid foods. We sort of nixed the rice cereal & oatmeal. He can hold the small bottles on his own, but the big ones he needs help with. He just started holding them on his own, through full feedings this week.

Social: This morning while straightening my hair, all I hear is, "mom, mom, mom, mamamamamama, ma, mama, mom" I was like, WHAT lol. He loves to scream & pierce everyone's ears, he babbles on about random things, & makes UGH noises when he lifts my heavy phone. Follows us with his eyes & screams when we aren't in his sight. Grabs, pinches, holds, & tosses his whole body to get to a cellphone. He just started walking forward in his walker this week, ran right into my heals actually. It's fun to push him back & then to watch him come to you when you call him :) He is definitely mobile in that sense!! He giggles all the time, & knows how to fake cry to get attention. 

Toys: We love the dinosaur ball popper, he doesn't chase after the balls, but he does fall to his tummy to get to them & he likes to pull up on the toy. It's quite entertaining to watch. We found out that he loves Tupperware lids, that's right guys, just throw them a lid & they are good for hours. He started pulling on cords, so we are watching that carefully. He generally will play with anything we put in front of him now.
Clothing: Size 6 months. The 3-6 month won't fit at all, but anything 6 months-12 months is pretty good. Wearing size 4 huggies diapers. I really wish Gap had a 9 months size :(

Skills: Locking his legs when he stands up, chasing us in his walker (walking forward & backwards), saying "mamamamamamamamama" a ton, holding his own bottle, getting in the crawling stance & rocking back & forth, flying to get to a phone, reaching & grabbing, slept his first night in the pack n play & did great & not being swaddled anymore when he sleeps. 

Watch Matthew Grow :)


  1. Time flies when you have a baby. I look at Claire all the time and just think to myself "when did you grow up"? He's such a cutie and you look amazing for having a baby.

  2. Oh my goodness I could eat him up! He is such a handsome little boy :) And I love his Florida bib...that a boy, Go Gators!!

  3. Matthew is so cute and growing so fast!
    We had a similar walk experience this week too! No turning back when you have them and you all bundled up, paci, stroller, blanket etc etc.
    Grace sleeps on her stomach in her crib. I know they say that you are not suppose to put them on their stomach, but she sleeps so much better that way! Hope that makes you feel better.

  4. half a year old! it sounds weird for sure!
    love those blue eyes! and I totally know what you mean by taking an eternity getting ready to go out! hahaha

  5. you have a super cute baby, take care of him as he deserves :P


  6. I so feel you on finding the "money shot" with kids, its like take 15 pics so one will come out :) glad im not alone in that! yay for a big month milestone!!He is still cute as can be