Wednesday, March 20, 2013

32 Weeks Old....

Arrow Pants, I made. Children's Place Sweater

I love taking pictures every week, if you have a kid, then you above all know that SO much can happen in a week!! Even physical appearance can slightly change. I always look back on baby photos & can't believe he looks so different already. Plus, how cool is it to have a weekly photo every week to go back & show them later on, or just to look at yourself!! You capture everything!! :)

Old Navy Onsie & Pants

Health: Matthew has had a super runny nose all week, teething like crazy, even waking up a ton at night (this is new to us). Lots of bumps & bruises from climbing on everything, & crawling/bumping into everything. He has a bruise on his left eyebrow that looked like it was getting worse for the first few days & is now finally starting to fade. Other than those things, healthy little guy. Weight is around 20 lbs, I'm not so sure about the height. I was thinking he was going to be more around 21 or even 22 lbs but then I realized he just recently became very active in the last month & a half so maybe he lost some weight. 

Whoa, private grab?! haha, he has recently started trying to play with his goods while I'm changing his diaper & when it's poopie, that is NOT FUN. I slicked his hair back in this picture with water because his modeling agent wanted updated pictures, where the fly away's weren't showing & so on, it was practically impossible lol, needless to say she still needs new ones. 

Gap Outlet Onsie

Clothing: Matthew is wearing 6-12 months, & 9 month sizes. I've put a couple 18 month things on him before, but i'm sure they were items that ran small. He is also wearing size 4 Huggies, thank goodness we got huggies this week, pampers SUCK & we decided to try pampers wipes instead of huggies, that was a mistake as well. The pampers wipes suck as bad as the off brand wipes, they stick to his butt, come out two at a time & you have to shake them off of each other mid diaper change, ugh. Word of advice, if you aren't cloth diapering (which I wish I would do) then you should get huggies everything.

Gap Outlet Onsie

Sleep: This has not been his week, or ours either because of it. Matthew woke up 4 times last night & I had to stay up with him for almost an hour before he went back to sleep. He is waking up around 3-4 times a night or more even because of teething. Does anyone know how to get a teething baby to sleep through the night? We have had this little guy sleeping 8-12 hours with one wake up around 8-9 a.m & now he is waking us up 24/7 & we would like more sleep!! We were trying to transition from the nap nanny to the pack n play again, but since he is teething we are both too lazy to get up out of bed to get him 3-4 times. 

Honestly, when I look back on this, it was a little mean. But this face is so priceless. The only part that doesn't make me feel bad is he kept wanting MORE, he literally kept diving into it like it was candy or something. I've put lemon in his peas & carrots but I don't think he noticed like he did when we did this!! 

Toys: Who said toys preoccupied a baby? Wrong, lol. Matthew was all about his toys for a good 2-3 months. He started really liking them around 4 months, & then the last few weeks, he won't even look at his toys. So we have resorted to giving him cups, remotes, old cell phones, Wii controllers, car keys, Tupperware, you know, all things not baby haha. Most of the time he is just crawling to one place & standing on it, then crawling to the next place & standing on it. I will say he stands on his activity cube a lot, it took 3 days of that toy before he started doing it on his own, so I would highly recommend the activity cube by B. Toys. 

TJ Maxx Jersey

I may be a Kansas Jayhawks fan, but daddy is from Florida & likes the Gators, but he is watching all the KU games with my sister & starting to like KU more, YAY. My sister is just too excited to get her hands on Matthew when he is ready to play sports, she is a tomboy!! 

Social: He isn't saying anything other than "EH", he said "mama" that one time on video & some times says "mamamamamamamma" but he doesn't say anything else but that & of course screaming at the top of his lungs still. He crawled all the way to the kitchen table while I was wedding crafting to pull up on the chair & beg me to hold him!! He follows us around & pulls on our legs & screams when we leave him. He shakes his arms together up & down when he is really excited & bangs his hands on things as well when he is excited. He loves when Snickers barks, & he turns around & laughs every single time he knows he is doing something he is not supposed to do & I yell "MATTHEW STOP", he thinks its funny, when I'm serious. 

Bath time is still his favorite. I like to fill the bath up with just a little water & let him play in there while I sit & watch. He is so cute just playing with his bath toys, he is more entertained with the water cup, & bottles of shampoo/body wash then any of his normal toys now. Go figure. I love having a bath mat down because when he isn't on it he gets excited & looses his balance & slips!! He has gone under a couple times on accident & he was NOT HAPPY. 

Target Towel

My little Stitch all clean & happy after his bath. These towels look big, & I thought he wasn't going to be using them until he was like 2, but nope the newborn/baby towels are way too small, these are perfect. 

Still fitting in the Bjorn, & we still love it. Ever since we got it, we love it. The wraps never worked for us. It's hard to walk some times with him though because I'm short & his little legs push my thighs back when I'm going up a hill lol.

There have been a few really pretty days here in Georgia, so we have been taking long walks & even runs with the stroller. If anyone has the City Mini Jogging Stroller, if you read the directions it says "no jogging" haha, it has jogging in the title of the name, but you aren't supposed to jog with it, makes no sense to me, I still did it. 

Caught Sebastian looking at the camera (that's a rare occurrence) & then realized that Matthew was totally creeping in the back ground. Photo Bomb!!  

Nutrition: This is Matthew & his 10 month old cousin Thomas they are both chowing down on some pizza crust. Honestly, best thing ever. I know I love the mum mums but those aren't doing the trick anymore this teething round. Matthew has 3 teeth & just chomps right down & finishes it in .5 seconds. The pizza crust is great for nawing on & lasts longer, there for giving you more free time because your baby is entertained. Just put them in the freezer & vola!! Matthew is taking 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours, just depends, still using Gerber Good Start Gentle. We have been giving him lots of table scraps, he loves it. I'm not giving him anything bad, just healthy stuff that we are eating. I even gave him some chicken & hamburger, HE LOVED IT. We try for 2-3 solids a day.


  1. I'm impressed with those pants girl! And lovin the lemon face- what a cutie!

  2. That is so great that he is such a good eater! Grace is not doing so good in the food department. :( She really only likes peas and I think it is more of a texture issue. It doesn't matter how much I food process things, she doesn't like them. We are going to try avocado today, thinking that is pretty smooth?? any hints?? I did buy some mum mums to try???

  3. omg to the first picture!! what a happy, sweet little guy!! so adorable! & I am so stealing your bath mat idea.. never even thought of that! Christian is still getting baths in his tub, but he is sitting up pretty well so I bet he would love sitting in the tub with a little bit of water too!!

  4. I am loving doing cloth diapers! If you're wanting to learn how I'd love to help you out if you have any questions :)