Friday, May 3, 2013

38 Weeks Old....

Matthew will be 9 months old next week!! 

Health: Well, as you can see Thomas & Matthew are BOTH teething. Matthew now has 6 teeth, three on the top & three on the bottom. It's been a rough month. I'm not sure on Matthew's height & weight but his 9 month check up, YES 9 MONTHS, ah is coming up next week. We didn't have any big falls or anything this week, so we are bump & bruise free :) Matthew's hair is still super curly, he is getting long, still hasn't been sick yet, & is just a growing boy. 

Sleep: Matthew is taking around 2 naps a day generally. They last anywhere from 20 minutes-2 hours at the most. As for sleep at night, he isn't waking up as much as he was before, but he is still waking up 2 times or so. We are swaddling him again, with one arm out, & he is sleeping in the bed with us. On my side against the wall. I'm the lazy parent who doesn't want to wake up when he does, get out of my bed, & help him with the bottle & then put him back. I'd rather have him right next to me & help him, call me crazy lol. We have the sound machine going, the pacifier in his mouth & snuggled up on a pillow!! 

Social: Matthew's vocabulary consists of mainly "dadadadaddad, dad, dada, dadadadada" that's pretty much exactly how it sounds. He never really says "mama" unless he is teething & it's more like "mmmm", he still says "ukkk" when I say "yuck", other than that he doesn't really say much yet. He is clapping when he gets excited, screaming when he wants more food, giggling at pretty much everything we do, he loves peek-a-boo or even being scared, he thinks its so funny. Giggles when Snickers growls or barks, he likes to steal anything that someone has, for example if they are having a good time playing with someone or something Matthew has to take it lol. 

Skills: As you can see Matthew got some big boy walking shoes, they are called pedi ped, I just thought they were a little more stylish than the others lol. It took him a minute to get used to them, but he got the hang of it. Matthew is walking EVERYWHERE, he will take more than 50 steps, you rarely see him crawl anywhere anymore. If he is on the floor he will come up in the down ward dog position & stand up on his own & go. He pivots, stands up from squatting down to get a toy. I'm shocked that he is so good at this so soon. He even does a little run mid way if he has been walking for a while. He hasn't learned to walk outside yet though, no joke, he like freezes when we put him on the ground outside. He claps & we are practicing the waving. 

Matthew & his friend LJ both passed out with their bottles, it was too cute not to share. 

I love these two boys. It's funny how it almost looks like they are posing the same in both the photos :)

Nutrition: Well, you have here in the photo above, Matthew demanding more Chipolte. For real, we are the parents who gave our child Chipolte. He LOVED it, kept asking for more, the spice didn't bother him, & it must not have at all because we had no problems over night or the next day. He likes to bang his hand on the table asking for more!! lol child with an attitude already. Matthew is drinking 5 ounces every 4 hours or so, he is getting 2-3 servings of baby food, made by me :) & a lot of snacks & random things that we give him. He loves the baby cheetos, mum mums, & vanilla cookies, favorite thing is still pizza crust though.


  1. lol i love that you gave him Chipotle! Love the pics of Matthew and Daddy :) So cute!

  2. He is absolutely precious. That HAIR! I love his curls :)

  3. so big! love his curly hair, so cute!

  4. I love the picture of him banging his hands on the table! Grace does that too! We laugh at her, but I know some day it will be annoying, but right now it is cute!