Friday, May 10, 2013

9 Months Old....

3 months until my precious baby boy is a one year old, this is SO crazy. Walking? Teeth? He has had a few words here & there but seriously talking coming soon? Can't believe it. I PROMISE, I'll be sharing my inspiration for his first birthday this week, hold me to it :)

Health: Matthew is defiantly growing!! I notice him getting taller for sure. He has six teeth, three on top, three on bottom. Has yet to be sick yet, 9 months down, lets keep it going!! His appointment is next week (thought it was this week), but now I have to wait another week for the grand total to ring in on weight & height. The weeks & months are seriously beginning to slur together. Anyone else feel that way? Anyway, he still has some gorgeous blue eyes & those blonde ringlets. The boogers, & diaper messes are beginning to look significantly bigger, GROSS, thank goodness they start taking care of themselves after a while ;)

Clothing: Matthew is wearing 6-12 months, 12 months, & some 18 month stuff depending on the brand. I love the shorts with elastic bands from Gap, they are awesome, seriously, don't buy stuff without bands, its a disaster unless your kid is perfect size in every clothing brand & they are super easy to get on. As for the shirts, if they aren't wide enough they won't go over Matthew's big head, I've actually had to get rid of some things that will apparently never fit him. He is in size 4 huggies, still. Huggies are by far my fav, I think he digs them too lol. He has been wearing some 12-18 month shoes, I think he is a 5 now.

Skills: Well, as you can see above, here is Matthew brushing his teeth for the first time. He loved it, he actually wanted more. It must have been the taste of the toothpaste. It says its safe to swallow, better be!! I thought I would better start that now, since I keep letting him fall asleep with the bottle when I shouldn't be!! Anyway, Matthew walks everywhere now. I haven't seen him crawl in a whole week, not once, he stands up from where he is at & walks. So apparently I have a super early walking baby? He loves to clap his hands, play peek a boo, he even does a little run when he walks now if he really wants to get some where fast, he can eat pretty much anything you give him (chew wise), he screams for more food & bangs on the table (if you consider that a skill lol) he is still trying to master the sippy cup. He closes doors & swings them open, loves getting into all the cabinets & pulling everything in his reach to the floor. 

Toys: I think he is kind of in the middle of enjoying his toys again & still playing with adult stuff (remotes, kitchen utensils, tupper wear) It's generally what ever he can get his hands on that will satisfy him. He is absolutely GAGA over the cellphones if he sees it you will never get it back, if you take it he won't stop crying until he gets it back, its un real. He loves to naw on books, teething toys, wii remotes, everything. His favorite toys are still the B. Toys Activity Cube & the Learning Table. But when it comes to little plastic, colorful toys, they are generally going to lay around at this stage, at least in our house. 

Matthew has discovered the stairs this week. I found him here after not hearing him for a while (I had everything else blocked off) I was in shock, had no idea he knew how to do that, he was getting ready to go to the next step even!! It's a mad house around here. Crawling, climbing, breaking, getting into, walking, AHH. 

Social: Matthew says the occasional "mamamammama" & "dadadadadada", but that's about it still. We are really trying to work on waving hello & goodbye but need to stick to doing it more. He is so smiley & so giggly all the time I love it :) One thing I will say is that when we are around other people he tends to get fussy, he must not be a people person?

Bathing Suit, UV Top (Target)

Matthew had his first swim lesson this week. 

The first day we learned lots of tricks. She showed us how to teach them to kick on their bellies, kick on their backs, jump in the water on the count of three, dunk him FOR THE FIRST TIME, & all sorts of fun things. He did not like being dunked at all, but I think its great to expose them early, I don't want him to be scared of the water, it's fun!! 

The second day we played on the kick boards & did a lot of the other stuff we did at the lesson before. It's such an awesome thing to do with your little ones, & I think its going to be so worth it!! Matthew & I defiantly approve. 


  1. Where are y'all doing swim lessons? I'm looking at a place for Bug to start learning this summer.

    1. We are doing them at the new cherokee aquatic center. At aqua tots and golds it was 70$ for 4. Classes and at cherokee it's 38$ for 5 classes :)

  2. How cute!! Look at those teeth, he's looking so big!! Have a great weekend :)

    xoxo Jamie

  3. he's seriously so cute.
    haha, he really enjoyed his swimming lesson

  4. swimming lessons!! how cute!!!!
    crazy crazy our little boys are almost 1!!!!

  5. Same thing happened to me with Brantley (and the stairs)! Only I was well-aware that he could climb them, so I guess that makes it worse on my part! Scariest moment of my life! They sure are a handful!

  6. We put a gate on the bottom of our stairs that way Claire could roam the whole house. She was much happier once we did that.

  7. I love the picture of him sitting with his little spoon, and the one in the water--too cute!