Wednesday, July 10, 2013

11 Months Old....

11 months old, hmm, that's pretty old lol. We had Matthew's first birthday pictures taken today, I took them a little less than a month before his first birthday but I wanted to have one for the invites & have them for his party after the wedding. If you follow me on instagram, then you have already seen a sneak peak of today's photo shoot & the awesome cake I made ;) 

Face plant, Matthew was pretty much playing "Monkey in the middle", he just didn't know it!! He loved running around in the grass, chasing the ball though. 

Every time he got the ball all he had to say was "BALL BALL BALL", so proud of himself for getting it before his cousins, aunt, or daddy!! 

Just staring below at the forest :) So intrigued. 

Matthew cuddled with me for a little bit, sleeping in :) Keep in mind Matthew is not a cuddly baby lol!! 

My favorite boys :)

Clapping to "If your happy & you know it". He even claps when he hears the song without someone singing it, so cute. 

Excited to go on a walk, as soon as we let him out the front door he is OFF, you have to chase after him!! He has places to go. 

I love watching him sleep :)

Falling asleep while eating cheetos :) I've never seen him fall asleep at the highchair, this was a first!! He must have been a lot more tired than I thought!! 

& another of the precious sleeping face!! Snuggled with George & Winnie of course. 


  1. Wow 11 months already. That sneak peek pic was the cutest thing. Can't wait to see pics of his party

  2. Wow, he is really growing up! I love that he claps at "you're happy and you know it." Too cute!

  3. Hi!! We used to chat awhile back but I haven't blogged lately :( Anyways, I have a quick question for you...I currently write for the women's website and am doing a story on "Pre wedding disasters." I read your blog about how your venue flooded out one month prior to your wedding date (so sorry about that, btw!!!). Would you be interested in sharing that story on SheKnows? If so, just email me back about a paragraph as to what happened and how you ended up recovering from the news. I will include a link to your blog in the article so hopefully it will bring some extra traffic your way! Thanks girl, hope you're doing well!