Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matthew's First Birthday Party....

Matthew's first birthday party was a hit!! Thanks to family & friends helping me decorate & make food :) I was so glad that we got to celebrate Matthew's first birthday while Adam's family & my family were here. Since the venue flooded & the date got switched for our wedding, I ended up having all Saturday to decorate, instead of coming home from the wedding to decorate for the next day!!  Not sure what I have up my sleeve for his actual first birthday, but we need to do something a little special at least ;) 

The highchair was a craigslist find, I paid 25$ for it, & then I bought craft turquoise paint at Hobby Lobby & painted it, then sealed it with a matte finish. Underneath the highchair is a 3 way poster board (the kind you used in high school for demonstrations & projects). I ruffled the banner paper stuff & then glued chevron blue ribbon around it. The banner around the highchair is made from tissue paper, I looked up "tissue paper banner tutorial" on google & went for it. 

I contemplated making cakes & getting some from publix, but they wouldn't make the inside ombre, or even blue for that fact, so I went ahead & made them on my own. I used one cake to make the smash cake, with three different circle sized cookie cutters. I used coloring for the inside to make it blue & then I still used Publix butter cream icing. I found the "one" candles at Party City. The clear stand is from Hobby Lobby, & I used gold sprinkles for the top. 

It isn't the most perfect cake out there, but I'm pretty satisfied with it, & I think Matthew was too :)

I also made a large cake for the adults & everyone other than Matthew. I used 3, 8in cake pans & made the inside ombre. Used the same butter cream icing from Publix & the same gold sprinkles. The banner was from my bridal shower cake, I cut off a few gold triangles & then painted "one" on them with the same paint I used to color the highchair. The plate is from dollar general & I used the same paint from the highchair as well to paint it. The chevron underneath the cake is fabric from Hobby Lobby that I had left over from the Easter basket project a while back. 

My attempt at ombre also wasn't the greatest, I used green & blue food coloring to make it look more turquoise & I used more squirts on the bottom, less in the middle, and less than that on the top.  

I tied some cute gold ribbon onto some cheap cake cutters from Hobby Lobby. 

I decided to use one of our bedroom furniture pieces as the cake table. I actually found this at Goodwill, yes, goodwill. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. 

I decided to go with a "burger bar". Everyone loves hamburgers right?! Plus i'm a total fruit fanatic. My dad & Katie cooked the hamburgers, & I formed them & put all the ingredients into them. Then Katie & I took turns cutting up the veggies & fruits. She cut up must of them until she cut her finger, ow. 

Lots of fruit, lettuce & tomatoes for the burgers, & all the condiments for the burgers on the bottom row. I got all the plates, bowls, & spoons from Party City., along with the table cloth. 

The streamers were a last minute decision, but the bottom of the table looked bare!! 

I got these adorable food labels off etsy. I know everyone knew what everything was, but they were too fun!! 

Chip station :) The square bowls are from Party City, & the long blue bowls with the salsa, guacamole  & deans dip are from Target, they were on sale :)

Bandana is from Hobby Lobby, plates & napkins from Party City, & the Chevron forks & spoons are from Etsy. 

I love this little ice bucket, how cute is that? It was from Target on sale. The chevron straws are from etsy, & cups from Party City. 

I wanted to have cotton candy for the kiddos as well. The wine glasses are plastic from Party city & I got the cotton candy from there as well. 

Favors table!! The chevron fabric was leftover fabric I had from Hobby lobby, the little bags are from etsy, & the numbers are wooden from hobby lobby that I painted. Inside were little dove chocolates :)

I wanted a reef for outside on the door. The wooden "1" is from Hobby Lobby. All the products I used for this project were from there. I used a Styrofoam circle, & then pinched cupcake liners together & glued them to it. I also wrapped the Styrofoam in blue & gold ribbon, not that you could see the back, but still, and then I used gold ribbon to hang it. You can look up "cupcake liner reef tutorial" on Google for more information on how to make it. 

Mini candy bar, I love rock candy & chocolate!! 

Chevron srtaws from Etsy. 

What is a First Birthday party with out beer? The tub is from Target!! 

I made this bow & glued it onto the lemonade pitcher :)

I love these wooden utensils.

Cookies :)

The banner is of his 1-11 month photos. I felt wrong adding the 12 month one since he won't be one until the 8th!! I used black scrapbook paper, & chevron scrapbook paper with a gold ribbon. The board is my old pregnancy update white board ;) I painted it blue along the edges & spray painted the inside with chalkboard paint, then I used chalkboard markers to write it all out. I copied off people on pinterest that had made similar boards to set it all out right. 

The only picture I had with the candles lit!! 

Cake smashing time, it was a very serious, happy, angry time lol. He was mad it was up his nose, happy it tasted so good, & he wanted out of the high chair!! He even flipped the cake upside down at one point. My favorite picture is when he put his whole face on it to eat it. He even started feeding Snickers while he was up there, that was about the time we took him down haha. 

Letting him try a little rock candy :)

Present time!!!! Matthew actually fell asleep right after his cake smash, we waited for him to wake up so that he could join in with us of course :) He got so many toys!! I couldn't believe it. Lots of musical & electronic toys. Some of his favorites was his Pottery Barn chair, Vtech cellphone, Innotab 2, & a little Vtech steering wheel. Matthew's cake smashing outfit with the chevron tie & hat is from Etsy as well. 

I gave into the teepee. I saw it on etsy & I just figured why not!! Sure enough, he loves it!! I saw it on Brickyard Buffalo on sale a few weeks ago, grr, cause I bought it months & months ago lol!! I made the banner on it that saws one :) 

Totally loving his chair. 

Spending time with his great grammy & great pa before they left. 

Of course we were all matching!! Were you guys expecting any less? haha. My dress is from Dress Up Boutique, Matthew's outfit is from Etsy, & Adam's outfit is from Forever 21. 

My lovely mom & I. 

My friend Jacque & I, with Adam photo bombing. 

Matthew & daddy. I love the look on my grandma Tiny's face :) 


  1. You did such an amazing job with his birthday party! Avery's is a week away and I am SO behind!

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I love that he started to feed Snickers!!!

  3. Hos party turned out great, love all the chevron. I love his tee pee (where is it from?)

    1. :)

  4. You did a fantastic job! I love the cake and decorations!

  5. SO fun! Happy Birthday Matthew. Love the matching family outfit

  6. It turned out so cute!! I love your dress by the way!

  7. Katie, I am amazed at all the work you put into Matthew's party considering it was the same weekend as your wedding. Way to go Momma! I love all the decorations and the high chair especially. Your matching outfits are adorable too. You need to tell me where you got Matthew's personalized onesie and leg warmers, so cute!!

  8. How cute! I can't believe you pulled off so much planning on such a busy week! Happy Early birthday to your sweet man! & I love that dress