Thursday, October 10, 2013

14 Months Old....

Looks like I have been M.I.A for a while! It's been hard to keep up with blogging with my crazy 14 month old. I swear we have already hit the terrible twos. None of the other 14 month old or even a little older that we are around act like Matthew, he never slows down. Ever. You would think he wouldn't weigh so much or sleep more, nope. Anyway, happy 14 months my sweet little angel, ha.ha.ha. My friend said he looked like he was picking a wedgie in this picture! ;)

We went to the North Georgia Fair. It was by far the largest fair I had ever been to. So much to do, even for kids Matthew's age, it was awesome. Matthew is practically half my size, picking him up is becoming a problem lol, I apparently need to get to the gym. 

Matthew rode his first ride EVER. I couldn't believe he was tall enough but sure enough some of the rides you had to be 30 inches tall, & he was a little over that. He enjoyed this one, it was slow & just went in circles. I'm not sure he knew what to think of it, he kind of had a blank stare for a while & would laugh or scream when he saw us each time around. 

He absolutely loved the petting zoo. He defiantly has a thing for animals. He was running up to all of them trying to kiss & hug them, Adam was freaking out, he didn't want any of them to bite him!! Matthew loved feeding them too. 

His second ride was on nemo. He was a little anxious on this one, it went up and down in circles!! He was a little upset when he got off!! The other one he rode was a helicopter with Adam, which I think he liked because he was with Adam, but that thing went super high it made me really nervous, I couldn't believe they would let him ride alone on it!! 

Blurry, but gives you all an idea of how much fun he was having ;)

His favorite was the carousal. My friend Lynn rode with him, he was bouncing up and down with excitement. 

I didn't ride this, it went way higher than this photo shows & went on top of the entire festival, it was like a 20 minute ride. I walked below the whole time pushing the stroller ;) (I'm afraid of heights) they said Matthew did good though! 

We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch with family. Matthew wasn't sure about the pumpkins, I think they might of even scared him a little bit. 

He was enjoying Uncle David's company. Daddy didn't get to come because he had just had his ACL surgery. This was in the baby pumpkin section :)

He is so big!! He was fussy because he wanted the camera more than anything.

Finally my sweet boy was giving some SWEET smiles at the pumpkin patch. The key is to say "cheese"!! 

Running with Nana. 

Matthew did not like the horse, at all. Not even for a second lol. He kept reaching down trying to get in my arms. I figured he would love it because he loves animals, but it was probably too big & too much for him! 

Matthew & his cousin Rose on the hayride. Matthew stood most of the way! 

Loved climbing on the tractor over & over again. 

The best attempt we got at taking a cousin family photo. At least Matthew is looking, haha. 

Matthew had his first visit to the library. Which, he was defiantly the loudest child in there, screaming at the top of his lungs out of excitement & would not stop (face palm). Thomas & him were chowing down on fruit snacks & cheetos, playing on the train, & pretending to play on the computer. 

Picnic in the park! Listening to some good live music & running around, eating his sandwich, & of course squeezing his cousins juice boxes everywhere!  

Any one else use these? I DO! I love this thing. It's a backpack/leash. Anyone with a child like mine needs a leash. I said never, but don't say never unless you try it. Bonus, he can even carry his own stuff or even mine haha! 

Matthew loves walks. He will go up to the front door & bang on it because he wants to go outside. He loves to walk, so we rarely take the stroller or bike or anything unless its far or going out to eat. He just loves to walk right next to us, run, and adventure out into the wild!! His favorite is the stage, he will run clear across the grass to get to it every time, he remembers and knows exactly what and where it is. He also loves the fountains in the neighborhood, but I have to watch him because of course he tries to just walk right in (no fear). 

Sleeping at daddy's ACL appointment, Adam got his stitches out today! Well, staples, I guess that's different :) He said it didn't hurt at all, just a little pinch feeling. 

I have TWINS! Having fun at the mall. He kept peeking under the dressing room door that my friend Lynn was in, it was hilarious  Apparently I'm too the point where I don't care about him crawling on the floor? Jeez, I used to be so paranoid  That diapers commercial or what ever it is, is so true. By the second child I'm sure I'll be even more care free. 

I can't believe how much he has changed in one year!! He was just a little veggie last year lol! 

Matthew experienced his second sickness, well kind of. It only lasted a day but his temperature was 100 degrees and over all day long. He has been fine ever since. Still smiling even when he had a fever, poor baby. He would play once the Tylenol kicked in and then he was get worn out really fast and just lay down with us and stare at the wall or TV, totally silent. So not, normal Matthew. So, you could tell he wasn't feeling well. Must have been a quick little virus, because all of his cousins had it too. He woke up, threw up, had a fever all day, next day totally fine. Weird. 

Passed out. Have I mentioned how much I like two piece pajamas? They are so cute, so light weight, perfect for cold or hot nights, and so much easier to get on & off, especially if he needs a diaper change. 

It's been a really lazy two weeks. Adam had his ACL surgery, so we have just been laying around with him, or going out and doing our own thing. Adam can't take care of Matthew on his own yet, because he still can't walk with out the crutches, so I've been taking care of two boys!! 

Oh, just singing a song ;) 14 months old & 17 months old!! 

More lazy photos!! What's better than laying around all day? Taking pictures of it!! ;)

Matthew loved the iPad for a while in the apptivity case, he is slowly coming back around to it again. He really just wants to play with it outside the case, of course. 

I mustache you to stop playing on our phones & eating so many cookies ;)

I'm sure you can tell I'm exhausted. Not enough sleep & taking care of two boys is a lot of work. 

Matthew took his first picture of him self ever!! First selfie ;)

My mom is going to have to change the recipe name to "Matthew's favorite sugar cookies" from "Katie's favorite sugar cookies" I probably shouldn't have let him eat so many cookies, but he was so hyper & smiley, totally downing them. 

I turned 22 last month!! Adam got me UGG boots, a super fancy cake & we went out to lunch! It was a great birthday, spent with my favorite people. 

Just climbing a ladder, no big deal. (Shaking my head).

Matthew is sleeping in a toddler bed now!! 

The first bouncy house Matthew tried, he wouldn't get in & cried. This time he couldn't stay out of it. He was sliding down the entrance  climbing back in it, running to it, laughing, jumping up and down. It was so cute. Nothing better than hearing your baby giggle or seeing them laugh :)

Birthday party for Matthew's little friend Riley :) Kyle was there too! This was our best attempt at a photo. Apparently group photos aren't going to work out for Matthew.

Mall day :)

He is so long!! We still love the boppy. Defiantly on the must have list for all you new mommies :)

Health: Matthew has 12 teeth now, they are coming in like crazy. Still has super blonde hair. He was sick for one day, which technically makes it his second time getting sick. He has had diaper rashes like crazy this month, I promise I'm changing them like I always have, he just seems to be pooping a lot more so i'm not sure!! 

Nutrition: Still haven't had the heart to take away the bottle. He is really attached to it. I've tried putting the milk in a sippy cup, but he just isn't having it. Any suggestions? He probably takes over 24 ounces of whole milk a day still, in a bottle. We use the Horizon organic whole milk with the Omega in it!! Expensive, but worth it. We give him cereal, eggs, oatmeal or fruit for breakfast. Then he has a bottle & goes to sleep in the afternoon for about 30-hour. Then he eats lunch with us, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, chicken strips, sandwich, anything fast. For dinner he always eats what we eat, spaghetti, chicken, casserole, soup, whatever we are having :) He always has a bottle before bed, I've really been trying to brush his teeth like crazy because I don't want him to end up with a bunch of cavities!! It's practically the only way to get him to sleep though. 

Sleep: Matthew sleeps really well. He normally goes to bed around 10 or 11 now, which is so much better than 2, but hey, that's the schedule we were stuck on. He wakes up around 8 or 9 which is too early for me, so my wonderful husband brings him downstairs and watches him till I get up around 11 or so. He takes a nap around 12 or 1 in the afternoon, and sometimes around 6 or 7. If he takes a nap at 8 or 9 then he is normally out for the night because if he wakes up he will be screaming and fussing until we put him back to sleep. He sleeps in a toddler bed now. The first few nights were rough, he fell out, then I put a padding on the floor and he fell again, went a few weeks and then fell another time but hasn't fallen since. I put a body pillow on it. He sleeps with his blanket & stuffed animal. We always put him to sleep with twinkle twinkle on the sound machine & once he is out we switch it to rain or ocean because that song can get really annoying after a while. 

Toys:  We got Matthew a leappad which he likes a lot more than the inno tab. He loves his tee pee, rocking horse, musical swinging door/house thing, balls, anywhere chair, loves the kitchen utensils, bowls, tubberwear, phones, camera, sprinkles (baking) lol, anything he isn't supposed to have he wants of course. Honestly, I feel like you should just keep buying toys, just buy all kinds of different toys you can never have enough because some they aren't going to like and some they are going to love, & some they wont show interest in and then they suddenly love it. 

Social:  Matthew loves to be picked up, loves to act like he is answering our questions and just rambles on, he says "no no" when we say no or he is about to do something he isn't supposed to do, so glad he is starting to understand. He loves to question us if we say no or he really wants to do something. Understands us when we say time to go bye bye, time to go night night, time to take a bath, he knows it all. He loves to mimic everything we say, especially no, go, night night, yeah. He likes to rub my back and pet snickers, it's the sweetest thing. He points to what he wants. He doesn't like to be left alone and cries every time someone opens the gate and goes upstairs or downstairs with out him. Even going to the bathroom without him is impossible. Matthew loves to say dada all the time, but normally only says mama if he wants something or is crying. Which I guess is fine with me ;)

Skills: Well, I'll try to think of everything I can off the top of my head other than listed above in the "social" section. He is so close to being able to open doors, super scary, he loves to clap to "if your happy & you know it", he likes to close doors, open cabinets, climb on anything that is climbable, runs like a maniac, tries to walk down the stairs like a normal person and even tries to hold onto the railing, signs more, say's mama, dada, bye bye, night night, no, go, whos that, whats that, mine, yeah, so on. He has defiantly got the vocabulary thing down. He is currently in a biting stage, trying to just keep the firm no up & direct him to something else to get his mind off of biting. At first it was trying to kiss everyone, and turned into biting :( He also throws extreme tantrums, one lasted over an hour the other day because he wanted the camera and literally would not forget about it kept going to the place it was, and then kept going to the place I hid it, it was pathetic to say the least. He knows what we are saying, he listens when we tell him to put something back, or give something to so and so. He is very smart! He loves to play chase with Snickers, peek a boo, and his new thing is opening a cabinet and then laying down and looking underneath it. He is a weird one. He brushes his teeth if we hand him a tooth brush, washes his hair if we put shampoo in his hands, and brushes his hair if we hand him a hair brush. He turns the camera around and presses the button to take photos of himself now. 

Clothing:  There are a few 12 month items I can squeeze him into. He is in a size 6 or 7 shoe depending on the brand. He wears mainly size 18 months, and a few 24 month stuff. Even a few 2T stuff fits him nicely, just depends on the brand of course. We are still using the Honest Company Diapers, they are awesome. He is wearing a size 5 in those. I tried the 4s because it says his weight should be in a 4 but they are way to tight, and he loves to take them off!! 

It's crazy how fast they grow & change in one month. I was telling Adam how their little faces are so round, with no imperfections, and no really defiant lines, and they slowly get skinnier faces if that makes since, and everything starts popping out and looking more defined over time :)


  1. He sounds so much like my Waverly, never stopping!!!! Keeps us mommys busy!! :)

  2. Matthew looks like he has SO much personality! He's such a cutie! HBD to you - You look great!!

  3. What a cutie! I love that toddler bed! Where it it from? (Or is it a convertable crib?) We'll be in the market for one in about six months!

    1. It's from babies r us :) it's an actual toddler bed the crib one still has a back side to it and we wanted it to be open on both ends :)

  4. He looks so grown up!! Time flies by!! Now it is time for #2 ;)

    1. Haha omy! I do want another I think I wanna start trying this spring :)

  5. how is he in the bed?! If I did that with Christian he would be a little maniac running free all hours of the night! I feel like the crib is the ONLY way that he is contained these days! lol!

    1. I totally feel you! Matthew is the same way sometimes it's impossible to get him to go to sleep because he keeps getting in and out but it's so much easier now that he can climb on our bed because when he wake up crying he can just climb in our bed we don't have to bend down and get him out