Tuesday, February 21, 2012

12th week appointment 

What a relief to go to the doctor and not get poked with a needle at all. The nurse simply had me pee in a cup, blood pressure and weight check. Finally it was time to hear the babies heartbeat on the DOPPLER. At first she couldn't find it, which of course worried me, as she was feeling around it actually kind of hurt, my uterus hadn't seen that much action in a long time. Finally she spotted it and said she could hear it very faintly and how amazing it was to hear such a thing. She asked Adam and I if either of us could hear it, but neither of us could. I kept laughing as she felt around trying to find a spot where we could hear it, my laughter on the doppler was so loud it was kind of embarrassing. Once she got in the perfect position, I could hear it, as loud and clear as ever. It was prefect and overwhelming, I was in such relief. She said the heartbeat was 165 at 12 weeks! My blood test results from the last visit had finally come in as well, which I was worrying about as well. She said everything was normal, so that was also a relief.  Once I got home my uterus hurt all day, it was sore from the poking around. 

This is similar to a doppler the doctor would use, you can also purchase pocket size ones, they are kind of expensive, we haven't invested in one but they sound like fun! 

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