Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Months   

I decided to get a little bit more creative with the board. I hot glued some paisley ribbon around the sides to hide the wood color and spent hours putting different colored polka dots next to the letters. I'm finally getting a little bulge, and i'm finally past my twelve week mark, which means my risk of a miscarriage is now less than 1%. How exciting! 3 months goes by really slow, but it was worth it. Now i'm heading into my second trimester and i'm sure there are going to be a lot of new experiences that will differ from the first.

Another picture a little before I marked 12 weeks, finally went out one night and dressed nice so I had to take a picture of the epic event. Let me just say, for all the pregnant women who could wear makeup, do their hair, dress up....congratulations. I have only done those three things maybe twice or three times at the most. I do not have the energy to do any of them or feel up to it at all, plus all the clothes I dress in are uncomfortable. Its hard looking pretty when your pregnant, trust me. I think my hair and face are going to think me after this because my hair will no longer be fried from the blow dryer or straightner and my face won't be clogged with makeup. 

1. Do not dye your hair during pregnancy, there are chemicals that absorb into your body and the fumes at the salon are going to get into your system.
2. Do not get your nails done, the fumes you are breathing in are dangerous to the baby.
3. Do not tan, your skin is stretching so it is more likely to get burnt, also there are the effects of radiation.
4. Do not spray tan either, the fumes can be dangerous to the fetus.
5. Be aware of the deodorizer, shampoo/conditioner, hairspray, lotion and so on that you are using, all the chemicals listed on the back are being absorbed into your body somehow.
6. As for piercings I would highly suggest taking the belly button ring out, they say if you wear the big ones it will help but I have seen first hand that does not always work and the one I saw was disgusting.
7. No tattoos while your pregnant, the needle can infect you with harmful diseases.

These are just a few beauty related things that are proven to cause danger to a baby inside the womb. There are woman that have had healthy babies, but why risk it?

Our growing baby is now the size of a lime.                       

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