Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And the real deal begins

I hadn't really experienced any new symptoms or anything my body hadn't gone through before, so I couldn't really decipher between pregnancy symptoms and just a regular period or ovulating  symptoms until the morning we arrived home from Kansas City at 9 a.m. I had woke up that morning around 4 a.m Christmas Eve to leave Kansas on a plane. The whole drive there, the whole plane ride, the whole train ride, the whole ride home, I seriously had to force myself not to throw up. I was on the edge of puking everywhere, every five seconds. Especially at stops. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were pretty much nightmares I laid in bed all day and all night trying not to throw up, and trying to hold food in my stomach. I was hungry but had no appetite for anything. Christmas day marked my 6 weeks. Before I thought nausea came right away, like in the movies, I also thought it was only in the morning, and not to mention I didn't know it never left. Christmas eve was the beginning of a long hard battle with nausea. Which thankfully was the only new symptom I was experiencing at the time.
Adam rubbing my stomach was about the only relief I had.

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