Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home For Christmas 

I hadn't seen my family since summer. My mom, dad, step dad, grandparents, and siblings were all going to be there. Including my high school friends. I had let the news slip to a few people, definitely avoiding Facebook for the mean time, but most people were going to be surprised. Being home is one of the best feelings in the world. Feeling welcome, alive, familiar with everything. I missed everyone so much. Everyone's reactions were a little interesting.


Mother: "
Not very surprised sweetie, knew it was going to happen sooner or later, But i'm excited and I hope you are too, I hope its a girl"
Father:"Well you always said you were going to be pregnant by the time you were 19, you missed a year but close enough, congratulations"
Grandparents: "A little bird already told me, but i'm so excited for you"
Annie:(18 years old) "This is a joke right, your not really pregnant are you? Show me proof I don't believe you" then when she found out it was for real "NO WAY!!! :)"
Ethan:(14 years old) "Dad, what are you going to do about this, aren't you mad? That's going to hurt SO bad"
Danielle: (4 year old sister)  Me "Danielle there is a baby inside my tummy" Danielle "your kidding me" Then she comes up to my stomach walks around my body and stares at me.
Friends: Everyone was super excited and wanted to see the pictures of my tests, so on.

Everyone was very supportive and excited for me. 

My best friend Katie, who picked us up from the airport when we arrived. Sitting in IHOP.

Ice skating at Crown Center in Kansas City, I held on for dear life the entire time, not wanting to fall and hurt the new baby inside of me! Paranoid? yes, that's me. 

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