Tuesday, February 21, 2012

January 2oth

Emotional Wreck: Regardless of all the fighting my hormones have caused on my relationship. Lots of interesting things went down today both negative and positive. Adam and I fight a lot because my hormones have turned me into a crazy woman and boy when I cry, do I cry. I cry so hard I can't breathe anymore i'm so stuffed up in the nose. The tears are streaming down my face, and I can't get control of myself, its kind of pathetic. Didn't realize my hormones could get so crazy. I cry about the most random things, movies, magazine articles, books, other people's problems. Its sad.

This book has been surprisingly helpful, don't go buy it though, go to your local or closest Good Will and get it for a dollar. I don't think its worth 15$ when you can get it all over the place.

Nausea gone wrong

Today was the first day I threw up in like a year, the first time in my pregnancy for sure. At 9 weeks and 5 days I guess my stomach just had enough. I had just eaten a BLT and a gogurt. Apparently that wasn't a smart idea at 12 at night. It came and just kept coming. It was miserable. Adam was at work, so of course my anxiety took over and I was shaking and crying the whole bit. 

Curiosity on the gender  

After posting on face book that I wasn't going to be able to find out the gender until 20 weeks, because that is when the insurance has agreed to cover it. A friend posted how she had bought a test (over the counter). I love these kind of things, so I had to try!

These tests probably aren't very accurate, but there fun & something exciting to do. This test I bought at CVS for 45$...very expensive but I really wanted it. You have to take the test with your first morning pee, once I took it, it was dark dark green which signaled it was a BOY. 

I also played with old wives tales, and the internet for fun. All resulting in a BOY as well.

The last thing I did was take two post it notes and put boy and girl on each, I did it three times and all three times it said BOY.

Not to mention the gut feeling its a boy, and the one dream I had about being pregnant and it being a boy. All has led me to believe it is a boy. But we don't know for sure and none of this is accurate so we will just have to wait and see. 


I needed a hobby, one that would put me to sleep at night and make me feel good about myself. So I decided to read the bible. I have always wanted to and been interested in it, just never had the time. ( I led a very busy life before pregnancy, and before I moved here for sure). I'm 5 or 6 days in and on page 300. Every story is just amazing and the power of God just blows me away. I am truly a follower of God and thank him everyday for this wonderful experience and gift he has blessed me with.  I would highly suggest reading during pregnancy especially before bed its very relaxing and comforting. It helps you to get tired, and keeps your mind off negative thoughts. 

I love my pink bible, my mother gave it to me as a child, so its very special for me to read this during my pregnancy. 

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