Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My New Daily Life

Wasn't aware how much pregnancy was going to change my daily routine until it slapped me in the face. I new having a baby would change a lot, but didn't think it still being in the womb would do much. I quit my job when I found out I was pregnant I worked in a club, very smoky environment and never realized how badly that could affect a fetus or even myself, even though it was second hand smoke. According to the information I have read, second hand smoke is just as bad as you smoking yourself. I was around it twice a week for 8 hours at a time. Adam agreed to support me in my decision to quit, and agreed to support me financially throughout my pregnancy. Its been hard not having a job to get me out of the house, have extra money for all the little girly things I want...but its been a relief being out of that industry and my body feels relived as well.

As of 8 weeks, its been difficult to get out of bed with the nausea and no energy. I can't walk the dogs anymore. We live on the third floor of an apartment building and my knees pop like crazy all the way up and all the way down, not to mention my lower back aches, and I can't even catch my breath once I hit the last step. As for laundry, dishes, cooking, and cleaning...there all a little more difficult than expected. Laundry is heavy on my back, dishes is hard because i'm standing for too long on my feet and they hurt, cooking is hard because i have bad food aversions and very nauseous, and cleaning is a no-no, I can't bend down more than twice a day without a back ache and I get overheated. Plus I refuse to be around any cleaning supplies, I have only read bad things about them. The air we breathe in, and food we eat is already polluted so why add more bad stuff that could harm your baby even more? As for sex, I'm not horny, AT ALL. I don't even want to be touched unless my stomach is being rubbed. The idea of it freaks me out, its painful, and i'm too exhausted for it. I feel bad for Adam, but i'm hoping it will go away. My new life consists of laying down, sitting, watching tv, playing on the computer, and reading. That is about all I can handle. 

This is Twix and Snickers. I thought since I have added them into my blogs, everyone would want to see what they look like. 

This isn't Adam, of course, but this is pretty much how its going down right now. 

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