Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lets just say I was inspired to share my pregnancy experience after seeing many other pregnancy blogs. With all this free time, why not? I'm already 14 weeks & 2 days into my pregnancy, but I would love to start from the beginning & i'm sure i'll be able to catch up with the date! A little about me, my name is Katie and i'm a 20 years old. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I live with named Adam. We have been together for a year now. I am unemployed and i'm 13 hours away from all my family except my older half sister Jaime, living in Georgia for a year now & coming from Kansas where I lived my whole life. My life is a bit complicated. All the blogs I've read make it seem really easy, or don't show a lot of the negative side, but that seems to be my job.

The Beginning 

On Sunday, December 4th 2011, Adam and I were at Marietta Diner. I had picked up Adam from work in Atlanta because he had, had a few beverages & it wasn't safe for him to drive. He may have been slightly intoxicated, but after a long nagging explanation of why we should start trying to have a baby, he came to the agreement to try. Knowing this agreement may not last long, we went to Walmart and purchased an ovulation kit, pregnancy test, and a fertility test. I felt at the time like I was ovulating, (sore breasts, spotting, cramps, fatigue, headache) but once I took the ovulation test it said I wasn't ovulating. Even though the phone application (my days) may not be entirely accurate, it also said I was ovulating. I took a few more, and came to find the same answer. The fertility test said I wasn't fertile. I gave up for the night, I was exhausted and it was already 4 in the morning. The next day he was still aware of our agreement surprisingly, we had sex twice. The following Monday we had sex again, and on Tuesday as well. Trying to take advantage of each day, regardless of what anything was saying.   After the sex on Tuesday though, after getting up out of bed following the activity, I had a sharp pain in the right side of my stomach. It threw me off enough to get me to start putting everything together in my mind...

1. My period only lasted four days last month & I barely needed to wear any protection.
2. The whole time I've been with Adam, I'm constantly taking a pregnancy test every month seeing if we just got lucky without really trying. This was the first month I hadn't taken a test.
3.  The ovulation tests, and fertility tests all said negative, but I definitely had symptoms of ovulating.
4. Symptoms of ovulating.
5. Sharp pain in stomach.

In a panic/shock mode, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed the first pregnancy test I could get my hands on and tried to pee. I could not pee, The most that came out was a drop on the stick and a little in the toilet, so I of course just decided to shove the stick in the toilet and see if it did anything. WOW, was I shocked when it came back positive. After all the tests I've ever taken saying negative, and this small stick that I stuck in the toilet with the least amount of pee possible saying positive, I did not believe it AT ALL. After taking three more tests all with positive results, I decided it was time to yell for Adam to get in the room. Even though his friends were over, I was shaking uncontrollably, in total shock, and I really needed him. I hid the tests under a jacket on the desk, when he walked in I said "I need to show you something", and I moved the jacket off of them and held them in front of him. 

Reaction of boyfriend: He could not keep the smile off of his face, it was like a little boy opening his first present on Christmas, the whole night he was constantly checking on me & talking to me. He was so concerned, it was adorable. I couldn't have asked for a better response after the way I was feeling in that moment. 

I was finally pregnant, I had finally received the best gift God could possibly give a woman. All my wishes came true. So there you have it, the story of when I found out. Therefore, I found out less than a month after I was already pregnant, without trying! We had sex without protection one time in the whole month of November on November 13th, and that special day was the day I conceived.

This would be me, estimating at 4 weeks pregnant

A little bit provocative, I know, my apologies. I modeled before I found out I was pregnant and this was a perfect image to show off the body I had at the time.

The Results  


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  1. I also took 3 test...lol...just to be sure. I hear Kansas is wonderful. What made you move to Georgia?