Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My first doctor appointment

The night I found out I was pregnant I could not sleep, I literally did not fall asleep one time the entire night. My anxiety was so revved up I couldn't bare it. As soon as 9 a.m hit on Wednesday December 7th, you can bet your bottom dollar I was calling every OBGYN I knew that was close to me. I called the one I had been to previously for unrelated pregnancy visits, they said "oh, congratulations, we can get you in, in two weeks" I'm thinking "TWO WEEKS", I was not going to wait that long, so I called another office near by and they gave me a more rational answer "we can get you in on Friday", but I was not waiting two days to see this baby inside of me, figure everything out, so on. So I called Well Star OBGYN in Woodstock. They said "great, we can get you in, in a few hours around 1:15" that was close enough to perfect for me. I took a small nap in relief. Come 12:30 I was ready to go, clothes on, hair did, lets go! I walked in and waited for quite some time. When they finally called my name, I went to the back and the nurse gave me a height/weight test, blood pressure, and then had me use the restroom to pee on one of their sticks. With a positive confirmation from their test I took, the nurse congratulated me. Following the test I received a prick on the finger testing my iron levels, I hate needles, so it completely threw me off. I held my finger the remaining time I was at the doctor office. I went into the ultrasound room where they gave me an ultrasound but didn't see anything, so they then proceeded to give me a sonogram. She pointed at the screen to where she "believed" the sac was, which was a small black dot. The doctor then confirmed it after talking with him. He ran a few more tests, gave me a bag full of different prenatal pills to try, and sent me on my way. 

Kennestone Wellstar Hospital

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