Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prenatal Doctor Visit

This doctor appointment lasted two hours! Not to mention the hour wait before I even got in. The nurse and I discussed my health history, and family health history for 30 minutes, then I peed in a cup, took 5 or 6 blood samples to test for (rubella, aids, all that stuff) then after she did some physical tests I was free to go.

Symptoms at 7 weeks & 4 days
- Foot cramps
- Leg cramps
- Menstrual cramps
- Lower back aches
- Knees popping
- Abnormal amount of discharge
- Rubber band feeling from my stomach to vagina
-Abdominal pain
-Pain on the right side above my belly button
-Sore boobs
Excessive Saliva
-Jaw pain
-Nose bleed (very suttle)
Besides the very obvious nausea, feeling tired 24/7, completely out of energy so on.

So when the symptoms do hit, they hit fast, unexpected, and hard core. Well for me at least. Having anxiety i'm sure made each little symptom a little stronger than my body anticipated.


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