Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This will be a short update, but I figured the first item I attempted to make for my unborn child was to some importance. I don't really have any hobbies, especially since I moved to Georgia from Kansas. Nothing has really sparked my attention, but this really didn't either unfortunately. In my attempt to make my spare time productive, I completely butchered the concept of crocheting. I tried the you tube videos, those women are so fast you can't even tell what they are doing. I thought it was called a tutorial for a reason so they would go slow. I tried to make a baby blanket, I tried twice. After the second time I gave up and threw all the supplies and extra yarn in a box. My first item turned into a purse, all you needed was to attach it to make it hold in a bowl shape and use some ribbon I guess. We put our dogs inside of it for fun. The second item turned into a long laundry bag, the kind you throw over your shoulder, tall and narrow. In my defense, I'm 20 years old, I had no one to help, I don't have patience, and they were still really soft. I may still keep them both as proof I cared enough to make the child something! 

This was the yarn I used both times, only the first time the colors were blue and pink only. I was going for nuetral colors since I don't know the gender. 

These aren't the items I made, but they are pretty close. I forgot to take a picture. The laundry bag is spot on minus the color. The purse looked very similar minus the ribbon and handle. How do you get these two items from trying to make a baby blanket? Don't let this hobby fool you, it seems super easy especially when your trying to make a square blanket, nothing too complicated, but of course this was not my cup of tea. 

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