Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sinus Infection

Not only has this been the worst physical down fall I have ever felt, I have had it for eight days now as of February 21st 2012. My immune system has hit an all time low and is having trouble fighting this off apparently. I have not seen the doctor yet, Adam had the same thing a two weeks ago and his lasted a week before it was gone as well. I took care of him of course, so after straining myself on Valentines day to start packing (since we're moving into his mom's house in Woodstock on Thursday the 24th) I came down with the sickness that night and have not had relief since. I have never been this sick, or felt this sick in my entire life. I also have TMJ which is a jaw disorder, so my pregnancy hormones and the sinus infection are messing with the TMJ problems and its a triple threat leaving me in excruciating pain. If I am not better by the end of this week I will go see a doctor, but i'm trying to do this naturally and let my body heal this on its own.


-Stuffy nose, mainly on right nostril
- Green mucus, some times blood (pregnancy hormones i'm assuming)
- Mucus dripping into throat while i'm sleeping, constant swallowing, and making me gag
- Can't breathe through nose, but when I try to breathe through my mouth it feels like dust particles hit my throat and make me cough every time
- Gagging from all the mucus and coughing
- Throat is itchy and some times sore, dry, and some times hurts to cough
- Pain in jaw, cheekbone, eyebrows, behind eyes, right ear, forehead, and right side of head, the pain is all severe, worst i've ever felt
- Ear pain in right ear, feels like swimmers ear
- Upper teeth pain on the right side
- head pain when I cough and when I get up too fast or sit up too fast

It's just as miserable as it sounds, i'm not going to make anyone feel like it was even slightly okay. I have gone through 4 boxes of tissues and 5 toilet paper rolls so far. Every single sheet has been covered in mucus.


Yes, there are medicines that doctors or scientists say are okay and safe during pregnancy, BUT none of them are proven to be safe during pregnancy. These "okay and safe" statements are based on history of safe use and no birth defects or miscarriages. There aren't enough willing pregnant women that will volunteer to be tested on, so therefor they do not know 100% what is safe. Which means I will NOT take the risk of taking anything.

Considered Safe:

None of those medications in the link are 100% safe though and I will not risk the health of my baby just so I don't have to suffer through pain. Lots of women before medicine did it, so, so can I.

How I Have Found Relief

-Showers with door closed so the steam gets in your respiratory system
-Humidifier (no vicks)
-No fan or windows open
- Tissues with lotion in them
-Chapstick for lips and where your nose gets raw from blowing
-Ice packs
-Warm packs
-Water with Lemon
-Vitamin C tablets 500mg
-Hot Soup
-A little bit of vapor rub on chest
- Lots of water
-Vitamin C Halls cough drops
-Hydrogen peroxide in ear

Also, continually check your temperature, the highest mine has gone so far is 100. Its dangerous for your internal body heat to be over 101 especially for the baby.

Do not use  

-Heating pads
-Hot bathes
-Herbal teas
-Vicks humidifier

My dog Snickers will not leave my side, she is so concerned about me. She is experiencing her first period right now.

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