Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy Purchases

I've already posted almost all of my purchases but I have acquired a few more along the way & put them all together for a better view.

The crib & changing table are both black sleigh, with the Boppy pregnancy pillow, graco snug ride 35 car seat & snap and go stroller. The rest of the pictures are all the cute clothes I've gotten so far. Everything is name brand when it comes to what I like. Whether its brand new, or used I love it. The bear suit, and football suit are the first items purchased by his Nana.

I also have added these to my collection...

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  1. All the little onesies remind me of my son's who is now two :) congrats on the little boy they are so much fun, you have to look a little harder while shopping but that makes it enjoyable!