Tuesday, March 27, 2012

St. Patty's day :) this little boy is a little bit Irish, getting it from both mommy & daddies side!! This was my little bump while we were driving to lunch :) In my first maternity item from (Motherhood Maternity) the striped long skirt!!

Oh how I wish this was at every establishment I go to :) Not that I mind walking, its good for me, but it could really come in handy some times!!

My bump while laying down!!

Of course paranoid mother here had to get a at home fetal Doppler. Its hard to get an accurate number because he is so active, but at least I can hear that little heart beat on hear & it really calms me down. This one I ordered offline, it was around 52$ with free shipping. Its a Sonoline B :) I did have my first scare with it when it said 98, and then went to 192 it was crazy! But a little malfunction here & there won't bother me anymore, the doctor assured me it was just the machine & my active baby on the move!

I'm doing lime green, and black and white damask as the baby stuff/room theme. These are the pom poms i'm attempting to make. I'm trying to make a mobile for the crib so i'm experimenting with different sizes. 

This is my prized item :) I went to the coach outlet in Dawsonville and splurged on a coach diaper bag!! I''m a stylish mama.

What kind of parents would we be if we didn't get little one an inappropriate shirt ;)

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