Sunday, April 15, 2012

22 weeks

WOOO!! I have made it past halfway there, and my baby boy weighs a whole pound already!! You can see my bump very well thinks to the little dress :) It worked perfectly for my photo!! Two more weeks till I go to the doctor to get another checkup and to get tested for gestational diabetes. Sounds great, right? I'm finally tan from Florida, but it won't last long, hoping our neighborhood pool opens sooner so I can go up there and lay out!! 


-Leg cramps, especially in my left leg...laying on my right side at night helps
- Tummy pains
-Round ligament pain when I twist or move too fast
-I seriously need to buy panty liners.
- Faster heart beat, and shortness of breath sometimes
-Lower back pain, sometimes it REALLY hurts
-I think my belly button is starting to poke out, just a little though, it doesn't seem as deep as it used to be
-Breaking out on my face and legs
- After tanning, my skin was SOOOOOOOO itchy.
-BABY MOVEMENTS, he moves in the morning when I wake up, around 5 and right before I go to bed, at least that is when I notice it the most. It feels like someone is twiddling their thumbs in your stomach, or gas bubbles that don't exit anywhere, you will defiantly know after a while. At first its hard to tell but once he starts getting higher in your tummy, you know its him. 


We have a little papaya size baby!!!!

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  1. I love this dress! It looks so good on you!