Sunday, April 29, 2012

24 weeks/6 months

I only have three months left!!!! So far, the six months have gone by pretty fast!! I hope the last three go by fast as well. Has anyone else that is pregnant or has been pregnant that swears pregnancy is 10 months long & not 9? I've counted it like 100 times & I swear its 10 months lol...because I have 16 weeks left...that equals 4 months? right? really confused!! I had my 24 week appointment. I'm measuring what I'm supposed to, the baby's heartbeat sounds good, & I weigh 129 now, I started off at 114 I believe. This coming Thursday is my gestational diabetes test. Praying I don't have it, I've been a magnet to sweets lately, especially cupcakes & cake. Also I can't stand needles, not looking forward to it. Little Matthew is kicking away, such a reliving feeling!! The doctor said I don't get another ultrasound (routine) anymore after 20 weeks, but I know I'm going to be too anxious to wait that long!! 


- Right sided headaches, especially when my jaw hurts
- My body feels sore & worn out....working out too much at the gym probably!!
- I keep breaking out on my face & my lips are always chapped
-Braxton Hicks contractions, felt them yesterday for sure, they went on for like 5 minutes and really hurt
-My nails are growing like crazy, finally :)
-Belly button is STARTING to come out!! It used to be really deep, now I can see the end of it.
- Leg cramp in left calve ( went to a leg specialist and they did a sonogram on my leg to check for anything bad, but the lady said everything was fine)
-Restless nights, I keep waking up, tossing & turning
-Lower back aches
-Am I supposed to have so much fluid down there? odd.
-BABY MOVEMENTS...I love them :)
-Stuffy nose

We have a baby the size of an ear of corn now, weighing in at 2 lbs :)

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