Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photo Update

Photo Update

1. My bump (while laying down from the side) as you can see I haven't gotten much bigger from the last (side laying down) photo we took!! This photo is at 26 weeks :)
2. The mobile I made for baby Matthew's room. I got the idea off etsy!!
3.  Adam kissing my little baby bump.
4. My FIRST mother's day flowers. I feel so blessed.
5. FIRST day at the pool this year, sporting the two piece, BUT I did give into a tankini the other day :)


  1. What a cool mobile! You look so adorable! Congrats on your little baby. I have two little boys and they are the best thing that has happened to me.


    1. Thank you!! They are super easy $ cheap to make :) I'm so excited, I heard boys were easier so we will see :)

    2. You look wonderful!! Feel free to email me at jandpaper at and i can give you more info on the hospital that we delivered at! I totally understand the nerves! :)