Sunday, June 24, 2012

8 months!!!!

32 weeks

I am now officially 8 months pregnant. Can you guys believe it? Supposedly I am supposed to have one month left, BUT 40 weeks is 10 months, THEREFOR pregnancy is 10 months, not 9 :) Just thought I would clear that up for everyone!! I went to the doctor a couple days ago. I weigh a whooping 145 lbs which is 5 more lbs than my last doctor's visit but I blame the baby showers & being lazy & not walking as much anymore. The heartbeat was good, & I was measuring right, although she did have to comment on how small I was!!  

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain? 28 lbs
Maternity clothes? Lots of summer dresses, leggings, tank tops, and yoga shorts
Stretch Marks? Nope
Sleep? LEG CRAMPS this morning, & the night before. Needing to use the restroom A LOT!!
Best moment of the week? Baby shower & Ultrasound
Miss anything? Not having backaches, or being able to eat whatever I want.
Movement? It has seemed to decrease, but I think he is just getting cramped in there.  He still kicks 10 times in an hour though!! The movements aren't as strong either, they are more like he is bumping into my stomach in different places.
Food cravings? Chinese food
Anything making you sick? 
More like food aversions, I didn't want like anything I baked at my recent shower, & not a big fan on hamburgers lately or fast food at all.

Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? No, he is super cozy :)
Symptoms? MY ACHING BACK, I can't stop complaining about how bad it hurts all the time upper & lower, leg cramps, stuffy nose, acid re flux, stomach growing pains.
Belly Button? So the left side is popping out more than the right, not completely out, but defiantly different than a couple weeks ago.
Mood? Anxious, tired, busy!!
Looking forward to? Spending this baby shower money, & completing everything for Matthew's arrival. Maternity Pictures in July :)

Our little man is about 17 inches & about 4 lbs. Size of a squash :)

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