Sunday, July 1, 2012

7 weeks to go!!

 33 weeks

So here I am, at 33 weeks, with 7 to go!! I can't believe I've been pregnant for over 8 months!! Such a long time. My next doctor's appointment is next week, but to keep everyone updated my weight last week was 145, the heartbeat was good, & my size was good although she did say I was small. My boyfriend has been such an amazing help & so loving & kind to me this whole experience & I can't thank him enough. We are so excited to be parents & can't wait for this little man to be here. Every child is truly a gift from God!! God truly answered my prayers, each one of those kicks brings the biggest smile to my face. If Matthew were to come a month early, he would be here this month!! But we will let him decide when he wants to come, he seems quite cozy in there.

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain? 28 lbs
Maternity clothes? I'll admit I can't fit into my jeans & shorts without using the hair tie trick, plus the belly shirts do NOT work on pregnant women!! Its been 110 degrees here in Georgia so i'm sticking to the summer dresses, yoga shorts, forever 21 tanks, & tee shirts.
Sleep? I wake up probably 2 or 3 times, that i'm aware of tossing & turning & defiantly run to the bathroom once morning hits. I just can't lay on one side for too long before I have to switch, plus my tummy is getting big & using a pillow underneath for extra support has helped.
Stretch Marks? No
Best Moment Of The Week? Finished baby shopping!!
Miss Anything? Seafood, we went to Red Lobster tonight because I was craving the cheese biscuits, but I did want some seafood! Not risking it though!!
Movement? Not as much during the day anymore, very patterned & generally at night, but he did get very active after the gym today!!
Food Cravings? Sweets, potato soup.
Anything Making You sick? Too much meat.
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? No
Symptoms? BACK PAIN BACK PAIN BACK PAIN, ow :(, so sleepy all the time, my tennis shoes are getting smaller or my feet are getting longer (no swelling though), & I have to pee a lot.
Belly Button? Getting flatter & flatter, but the left side pokes out more than the right.
Mood? anxious, tired, so happy with my man.
Looking forward to? Lamaze classes start tomorrow at the hospital, doctor's appointment, & maternity photos. 

Baby Matthew is a little over 4 lbs & has passed the 17 in mark :)

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