Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Shower #1

Kansas Baby Shower

 The Family

 Wishes for baby Matthew, made by my mother.

 Cupcake table, green colored lemon cupcakes w/ lemon frosting, chocolate cupcakes with whipped icing, lime green candy canes, orange/cranberry scones, keylime mini cookies, green (mint) m&ms. Along with the banner I made above.

 Door Decor, done by my lovely host/mother, the reef is feathers with a wooden damask (M). With tulle & pom poms :)

 One of the signs outside. Damask balloons off amazon.

 Gift aftermath :)

 Main table, tulle around the outside. Quiche, chicken salad sandwiches, green/blue/white rock candy, blue pixi sticks, blue suckers, blue (its a boy) mints, lime green and blue chocolate balls, lime green gum balls, june bug punch, floral arrangements with limes on the sides (idea from pinterest) & the cake :) with little boys converse shoes as the topper! Along with all the pom poms above!! 

 Me in my special chair (my grandma spray painted it lime green) the damask pillow is from hobby lobby.

 Friends at the shower!!

 +Above the table :)

 Where the gifts went, before I opened them :)

 Flowers are from costco!! Just rearranged by my mother & grandma. To put the limes on the sides you put a small vase inside a large vase and put the limes in between them to stay in place!! 

 Cake, with converse shoe topper.

 Diaper cake made by me :) BBQ meatballs, chips with salsa and queso, veggies with deans dip, fruit baby (made by me, idea by pinterest), fruit dip.

 Rock Candy!! Damask tins are from hobby lobby.

 The God mommy Katie, me, and Miranda :)

 My baby daddy & future hubby.

 Fruit baby, idea from pinterest, made by me :) 

 ME! Mommy :) My dress is from, my necklace is JCrew but I purchased it off ebay for 35$, not 150$ retail. Earrings are Francesca, bracelets are forever 21, and watch is Michael Kors. The belt was 3 for 10$ at H&M :) & I did my own hair, french braided in the back into a bun.

 Baby Shower host/ my beautiful mother :)

 Chocolate fountain (Wilton), strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marsh mellows, and pretzel sticks :)

 Floral arrangements!!
 June Bug Punch (pinterest) 

 Labeled water bottles, they are stickers, my mom made them :)

 Baby bingo, bought off etsy :) then we used the little lime green rock decorations for markers & the prices were gift cards to starbucks.

 There will be five generations of us once baby Matthew is here :)

 Front door decor.

 Banner I made :)

 Frames 50% off at hobby lobby, with Matthew's sonogram pics in them, the little glass (M) is hobby lobby, card box, wishes for baby, bingo, guest book in the middle.

 Anne Marie lost her son Matthew two years ago in a car crash. He was my age and we grew up together. He is the reason I am naming my child Matthew. I was so glad she came, she is one of the strongest women I know.

 Party favors. I got the bags off amazon they are burlap. Each has 5 dove chocolates in them in different flavors & I bought a stamp and stamped it on the bag it says (its the smallest things that fill our heart)

Tiny grandma made us this, it is a football hat and over the diaper bottoms for his newborn pictures :)

I hope everyone loved my baby shower photos!! I tried to include where I got everything or where I got the idea, so if anyone wanted to use the idea or get the same thing they could, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions on anything. My advice for a baby shower would be to wake up a day before the shower because we woke up 8 hours before and that still wasn't enough time lol. I had such an amazing time visiting with everyone, and all the gifts we got are amazing!! I'm down to one page on my list of things to get before baby Matthew gets here!! My next baby shower is in Georgia on the 24th of June, so expect more pictures from that!!

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