Sunday, June 24, 2012

Georgia Baby Shower

 Gift Section :)
 Dessert Table.
 MY HUGE BOARD, (that when I find a place to put it) will be hanging it up! My awesome friend Lynn made it for me :)
 My belly book (pregnancy scrapbook)
 Ultrasound pictures.
 Flower Arrangements.
 Chocolate dipping, YUMMY.
 Belly cake :) Thank you to my lovely older sister!!
 Dum Dum candy decoration I made!!
 Dessert table & some quiche :)
 Candy Table.
 My lovely host/older sister Jaime!! Holding baby Thomas (my boyfriend's sisters new baby) & my little Snickers!!
 More Desserts!!
 ALL PREGNANT. Imagine that. Beth 29 weeks, Shannon 14 weeks, Me 32 weeks, & Destiny 20 weeks.
 Bump showing through!!

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