Sunday, July 15, 2012

35 days to go!!!!

35 weeks

Wow, 35 days to go, I can't believe it. Only 5 more picture updates, or less!! As of this Thursday, he will be here in no longer than a month. I am more than ready for this little guy to be here. Of course my weight & measurements are probably different, but this coming doctor appointment we will know, after this one it's every week :) I have a feeling at this one they will be testing me for strep B, lets hope that's not an issue. We have now successfully completed two lamaze classes, the second one was much more "hands on" the woman massaged their partners, & we learned about different positions, breathing techniques & massage techniques. Along with (what to pack in the hospital bag). Our teacher's list was quite small, my list is already two pages long in my little notebook, my philosophy is "it's better to be OVER prepared, than UNDER prepared".  We went & had our car seat installed properly, registered, and inspected. I learned A LOT I didn't know, so glad we did that. Also our maternity photos were rescheduled again, it just happened to RAIN. So this Thursday we will hopefully be doing them :) I'll be packing my hospital bag this week, so wish me luck. I don't want to update it till after though, so I can explain what I did bring, & what I didn't use.

How far along? 35 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 34 lbs, I was under my normal weight by 10 lbs, so technically I am on track.
Maternity Clothes? Not really, I've pretty much steered clear. Besides the pair of shorts & a skirt. Tank tops & yoga shorts (seriously).
Sleep? I probably wake up once, depending on how much water I drink prior to going to bed. But once the morning hits & I'm awake I'm running to the restroom. The tossing & turning is a given.
Stretch Marks? Nope :)
Best Moment Of The Week? Second lamaze class, getting my hospital bag, & going to OLIVE GARDEN.
Miss Anything? Caffeine, Seafood.
Food Cravings? Pop tarts, fruit.
Anything Making You Sick? Meat, all kinds of meat.
Gender? Little Man.
Movement? Defiantly has slowed down, he doesn't have many outbursts anymore, they are more like little wiggles here & there. Although I did feel my first kick in the rib  two nights ago, surprisingly painful, but it still put a smile on my face to realize how differently his movements feel now, from at 22 weeks.
Labor Signs? Nope.
-Upper buttock "cramping", more like a dull pain.
- VERY MILD menstrual cramping in my lower back (I'm not going to be surprised if I have back labor)
-Leg cramps (had one this morning, first one in a while, but their still there)
-Lower & upper back pain, this tummy is getting big.
-SO TIRED & my body just feels physically exhausted.
-Nothing is noticeably swelling, BUT I think my feet got longer.
-Little pinchy feelings in my stomach, randomly. 
Belly Button? FLAT.
Mood? Irritable, & very emotional.
Looking Forward To? Lamaze tomorrow, meeting the physician, maternity photos, Matthew being one month away, & packing my hospital bag.



  1. I love that your dog is in your pictures too! So cute! And you look great, not much longer to go!

    1. only 35 days, to be honest i'm hoping for earlier ;)

  2. I get you on the mood. I'm very emotional and irritable these days.

    1. yes, i've been crying a lot, over the silliest things....