Thursday, July 12, 2012


1. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow- It's been SO hard to sleep on my left side, over my right & back, this thing is literally the only thing keeping me on my left side & saves my knees.
2. Panty Liners- We all know what these are for & their awesome.
3. Sonoline B Fetal Doppler- I am one paranoid mama to be. This thing is small, & easy to whip out when you are anxious or worried about the baby, hearing his heartbeat always put me at ease.
4. A Large Water Bottle- They recommend to pretty much never put the water down, so why not have a large/cute water bottle that can help you keep track of how much water your drinking.
5. Organic Stretch Mark Palmers Lotion- Like I said before, you can't go wrong with organic, & I have yet to have an itchy tummy or any stretch marks (knock on wood).
6. Humidifier- I was sick for a month during my pregnancy, & once the second trimester hit I had a constant stuffy nose, this thing really makes a difference & really helps you breathe easier.
7. Pregnancy Book- I love this book, literally goes week by week in detail of what you may be feeling & whats to come.
8. Ice cream- Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheese cake is my ultimate favorite, personal size jar finished in less than 10 minutes. May not be the best for you, but it defiantly cures the cravings.
9. Tank tops & shorts- I would suggest the tanks from Forever 21 their 2.50$ & the yoga shorts from walmart their 10$, your only going to be wearing them during your pregnancy & then you will be small again so don't waste money on expensive maternity clothes. This is what I wear every day, lots of different colors in both!!
10. Neutrogena make-up remover wipes- Easy on the skin & takes the make up off in seconds.

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