Sunday, July 29, 2012


37 weeks

Looks like baby Matthew & I have made it to full term, therefore if he were born now he would no longer be considered a preterm baby. I'm very happy, but I would love if he would make his debut right about now :) I swam laps, ate a pineapple & Mexican food, my boyfriend helped me with you know what, I walked my puppy Snickers, now where is my lovely little boy? ;) I'm trying to induce labor naturally, but I think he is just fine where he is. I weigh 157 lbs now, & at the appointment his heartbeat was in the upper 140s, I was actually told this time that I was measuring correctly, which gave me some reassurance, & guess what?!?!?!? I'M ONE CENTIMETER DILATED!!!!!!! Although I still have 9 to go before I meet baby Matthew, at least its a start :)

How Far Along? 37 weeks, Full term
Total Weight Gain? 44 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Bandeau bras are actually extremely comfy, yoga shorts are starting to dig in so I've been wearing some larger shorts from old navy that aren't yoga style & continuing to buy larger sizes of tank tops. There isn't much you can do in the summer when its scorching hot outside, maternity dresses are my only option when it comes to dressing up.  As for shoes, I would recommend the Vibram 5 finger shoes, they are awesome to walk in & really support my heels, also the Adidas foam shoes are great as well. Haven't touched my heels since day one.
Sleep? I would suggest not drinking water before bed, it makes we wake up 3+ times at night, other than that the switching from right to left never fails, the hot flashes before bed make it hard to fall asleep, & this morning I woke up with terrible hip pain for the first time & could not fall back asleep, the only other thing is stuffy nose, I'm pretty used to it by now, but still bothers me on occasion. 

Stretch Marks? No, but I was JUST informed you can still develop them afterwards :(

Best Moment Of The Week? Reaching full term, my Vera Bradley diaper bag coming in the mail :)
Miss Anything? Jumping on a trampoline, running, being able to tie my own shoes & not dread going up & down the stairs.
Food Cravings? Fruit, chocolate, munchies that I shouldn't have.
Anything Making You Sick? Nothing is making me sick, but eating too much makes me feel uneasy. 
Gender? Boy
Movement? In my attempts to egg on labor, nesting, & buying more things for the baby I keep so busy by the time I lay down at night I only then start to notice the movements more. BUT he has officially found my ribs, only on my right side though & sometimes it feels almost impossible just to lean over slightly. He doesn't kick them too much, but he wedges whatever up there & leaves it there!! I know he is smushed in there, because he doesn't move very much & when he does he just shifts around. 
Labor Signs? I've had some sharp pain where you might assume contractions come randomly but possibly just growing pains & the upper butt/lower back menstrual cramp feeling comes & goes just like contractions but not 100% sure if they are or not. The doctor said you can have contractions & not even feel them, so maybe i'm one of those mommies.
Symptoms? Upper butt/lower back menstrual cramp feeling, newly found hip pain, stuffy nose, back pain, growing pains in my stomach, lots of pressure in the heels of my feet, so tired 24/7.
Belly Button? I can actually feel it SLIGHTLY out now, just a little though, still pretty flat.
Mood? Anxious, Snippy, & a little defensive. But when I think about Matthew being here I get extremely happy. I blame it on my aching body.
Looking Forward To? My family being here for or after the birth of baby Matthew, & my little man being here of course.


Baby Matthew is the size of a stalk of swiss chard. Does anyone even know what that is? I don't!! 6 1/3 lbs & a little over 19 inches.


  1. Congrats on making it full term!

  2. I bet you cannot wait for him to come already! You look great!

  3. just found your blog and wanted to say hello :) congrats on the bun in the oven :) please come check out my blog some time :D

  4. Ooooh, full term, congratulations! Of course, I just checked the date and realized you may have given birth already! You are looking AMAZING by the way :)

    Please stop on by:

    1. haha boy do I WISH I had given birth already, tomorrow i'll be 38 weeks, so unless I go into labor tonight, you'll see another post tomorrow!! These last two weeks are going to go by SO SLOW, but I know looking back on them they will seem like they went SO fast.