Sunday, August 5, 2012


38 weeks

Well, I have made it to 38 weeks. A lot of the woman I follow on their blogs, or know personally have already given birth before me, at 36 & 37 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he is waiting till he is ready, but I am so very anxious for him to be here & these last two weeks have already been dragging, so I can only imagine what these next two weeks are going to feel like. The whole pregnancy has gone so fast, & then the last month hits & your counting second by second. I will admit i'm starting to get nervous about labor. Of course I want the all natural birth w/ no complications, but whatever it takes to keep baby Matthew safe is what I will have to do. I now weigh 159, measuring correctly, Matthew's heartbeat is normal, & he is HEAD DOWN. My doctor even said "See you next week, unless you give birth before then", so surreal. 

How Far Along? 38 weeks (Doctor's consider 38-42 weeks delivery normal apparently)
Total Weight Gain? 46 lbs
Maternity Clothes?  Tank tops, yoga pants/shorts, summer dresses, big loose tee shirts, & walking around in a sports bra. I don't think i'll be getting much bigger, either way clothes are just getting uncomfortable & my bra is now rubbing the top of my stomach & making it irritated. 
Sleep? At least four trips to the bathroom throughout the whole night, waking up the past few days with really bad upper butt/lower back pain (its like a line that stretches across that area that just hurts), can't seem to get enough sleep because I'm constantly laying down through out the day now & tossing from side to side even with the pregnancy pillow, looks like i'm going to have to get over it. 
Stretch Marks? None :)
Best Moment Of The Week? Getting new shoes, & going out to dinner for Italian (yum). 
Miss Anything?  Running, shrimp, & not cautiously watching everything I do, eat, & drink. 
Food Cravings? Pasta, peaches, donuts.
Anything Making You Sick? Meat if anything.
Gender? Precious baby boy :)
Movement? Not as noticeable as it used to be, every time Adam lays his hand over my tummy Matthew will kick at it as to say (your taking up my room that I don't have already), I notice a lot after I eat, morning when I wake up, & before I go to bed. My mind is so hectic, & i'm so anxious some times I forget to do my kick counts, but when I do, their normal.  
Labor Signs? No :( But they would be REALLY APPRECIATED right about now.
Symptoms? Upper butt/lower back menstrual cramp feeling, newly found hip pain, stuffy nose, back pain, growing pains in my stomach, lots of pressure in the heels of my feet, so tired 24/7, headaches, stinging pains in my stomach (feels like he is defiantly running out of room), peeing 24/7.
Belly Button? I think its content where it is, just a little bit sticking out on the left side & flat everywhere else.
Mood?  I don't think Adam is enjoying my irritable attitude, I feel bad he has to listen to me whine & complain about my body hurting. But he knows how bad I want the baby to come already. We are both so ready.
Looking Forward To? Labor signs, fall consignment sales, & i'm going to try the famous "Scalini's Egg plant Parmesan", many women have eaten their egg plant & given birth within 48 hours of eating it, so i'm going to give the recipe, or go eat there, a try. Here is a link to check out all the babies that were born after the mother's eating it.......

The veggies & fruits that they compare the babies to are awfully strange & I admit I haven't heard of a lot of them before!! Here is a leek, so baby Matthew is guesstimated to weigh around 6.8 pounds & a little over 19 inches.


  1. Hopefully Matthew makes his appearance soon :) I went into labor at 38 weeks 6 days but didn't have Konnor till 39 weeks 1 day. 32 long hours of labor, hopefully you have a lot quicker delivery! Can't wait to see pictures!! There is nothing like holding your baby for the very first time! :)

  2. You look great, hope he makes his appearance soon. I had both my girls right at 39 weeks and I'm hoping that this little one comes a littl early too

  3. I tried the eggplant at Olive Garden and just about everything else but learned that you can't mess with God's plan! My son was induced 8 days after his due date and still had to have a c-section because the little man was NOT coming out. The whole story is on my blog if you're interested. Good luck to you, it's such an exciting time!

  4. Hang in there girly! Not much longer now!