Monday, August 13, 2012

Birth Story

Matthew's Birth Story

Let me start by saying, I don't plan on keeping this story short or sparing any details. I want to remember everything about it while I have a fresh memory of it. Tuesday August 7th started off like every other day this month. A little hip pain when I woke up, feeling tired & anxious, lower back ache....the last month pregnancy symptoms. Adam & I went to the gym around 4, I decided to walk on the treadmill for an hour this time instead of 30 minutes. I started feeling a little cramping once I hit 30 minutes, so that motivated me to walk another 30. Then I went to the birthing ball (bounced around & swayed my hips in a circle) for maybe 15 minutes & started stretching. I wanted a MamaRoo Bouncer so bad for Matthew, I found one on craigslist for 80$ & jumped on it. We headed toward Atlanta to pick it up a Caribou Coffee, Adam got a extremely chocolately drink, I took a small sip. We got the bouncer & decided that since we were down in Atlanta we were going to go to Scalini's (an Italian restaurant in Atlanta). This restaurant has been around for quite a while & has been known for their egg plant parmesan. If you type it into google it will take you to their website where they have a whole page full of babies & their birth stories. The eggplant has been known to make over 300 woman go into labor within 48 hours of eating it. After eating pineapple, walking, having sex, bouncing on a ball, swimming, walking, eating spicy food....I was ready to try something else. I was only 38 weeks & two days, but once the last month hits you'll know how I felt, especially the last two weeks.

So, we got the eggplant to go, & then went to the Cheesecake Factory since we were down there & I got a piece of fresh strawberry cheesecake. Once we got home I sat down with my sister Annie & starting eating the eggplant & drinking some very berry juice. At first, it really wasn't that bad tasting, it reminded me of chicken parmesan. I really hate cheese, so eating four different types of cheeses was a bit difficult for me. The ricotta cheese was too disgusting to me, so I scraped it off. Annie took a video and picture of me eating it, saying this was going to be the first video before my birth & I kept saying "what if it doesn't happen" (i'm sure glad she got that video now) By the time I was almost done I felt so sick to my stomach I was practically shoving it down to make sure I got the full effect if it was going to work. I also grabbed a tuber ware of fresh pineapple I had cut up the night before & that helped me finish the eggplant. I felt really sick, thinking I was going to throw was going to come out somewhere that's for sure. After laying down on the couch for a while, I felt better, and had to eat the cheesecake I had been craving. I ate the whole piece of cheesecake, it was so good. My sister stayed till about 12 or so that night hanging out with Adam & I. We went to bed around 12:30, it felt early to me, & generally when I go to bed that early I wake up around 2 or 3 anyway it seems like. But at two I woke up & felt a little gush in my underwear, it wasn't a big gush, it felt like when your on your period & wake up in the morning, when you first stand up just a little comes out, that's what it felt like. I decided to go pee & wipe so on & laid back down. Then it happened again when I laid down, so I got back up. Then I laid down again, & I felt like I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom & peed, but it felt like I peed uncontrollably for a second. Then when I laid back down AGAIN I started menstrual cramping in my lower back, extremely mild but I had this scary feeling like my water had broke, even though I had never heard of it breaking like that I was scared it did, I went downstairs, and started bouncing on the birthing ball alone in the dark, I didn't want to wake Adam. I was super tired after about 15 minutes so I went back upstairs & laid down & continued to feel little dripping in my underwear. 

I woke Adam up & told him what was going on, he was like "huh, what, what are you talking about", he was so tired & he wasn't really awake. Once he got the jist of what I was saying he woke up and said "what should we do, I don't know what to do, do you think your water broke". I went to the bathroom again, and was uncomfortable in the underwear I was wearing because they were wet & after changing a panty liner 3 times I decided to get a new pair of underwear. I walked from the bathroom to the dresser without any underwear on and a drop of something ran down my leg & After a while my cramping got slightly more intense so we decided to call the hospital, they told us to call our doctor. We called the doctor left a message & then they called back. The woman was really sweet, she asked me questions & said they really needed to determine weather my membranes had ruptured to rule it out just in case.  I was kind of in shock, I hung up the phone and told Adam we needed to go to the hospital & he got a smile on his face, I told him not to get his hopes up its probably just a false alarm. Even though both of our bags were packed it seemed like it took us 30 minutes or more to actually get out of the house. Adam was like repacking the bag I packed him. We took Snickers outside to go potty, grabbed the bags & the extra things that we couldn't pack yet, food & water for Snickers, I filled up my water bottle & we walked down to the garage to my car & began heading for the hospital. The whole ride we kept saying what if its not time, lets not get our hopes up.

We pulled into the parking garage, got out of the car, and left our bags in the car....we didn't want to bring the bags in if I wasn't in labor. My bag was extremely heavy. We walked in the door & Adam used the phone to tell the people who we were so they would unlock the doors because it was before 5 a.m. We went up the elevator, & the desk was right their as we got out of the elevator. The woman sitting at the desk had really pointy, long, red fingernails & was probably in her fortys. She asked why we were there & I told her my doctor's office was supposed to call and say I was on the way & what was going on. She asked for my information. She said "have you ever been here before". I was in shock, I told her I came here for my birthing classes, my office delivers here, I had a panic attack that I had come there before, I took a tour here. She kept looking and eventually found my information, but was extremely rude in my opinion. Her tone of voice was not pleasing me. I thought to myself is this really how the night is going to play out already. One of my friend's had told me they had a bad birthing experience at Kennestone so I was already worried. 

To be Continued...

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