Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Postpartum Week One

One week

Since I haven't seen many posts on postpartum, which I wish I would have to kind of prepare myself I figured it would be nice to share a little on it. It's officially one week since my precious little man was born. 

Weight: 144, 19 lbs less, I weigh what I weighed at 8 months pregnant :)


First few days-
-Couldn't get out of bed
-Walking bow legged
- Pops, rumbles, spasms in my stomach
-Teeth were sore from crunching down during pushing
-Could barely move left arm from having my vitals checked so much w/ the blood pressure
Next few days-
- Weight loss
-Feet swelling
-Sore stitches, but as of today can finally sit and stand without a problem
- Tired
-Boobs went up a few cup sizes from engorgement
-Round ligament pain in pelvis area
-Neck pain
-Lower back pain

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