Thursday, September 20, 2012

6 Weeks Old

So, I am a mother that loves her face book, I thought this shirt was adorable. Although he defiantly isn't bald that's for sure. He continues to get compliments on how much hair he has!! Someone even said he had more hair then her 4 year old did!! & I would like to say I never once had heartburn, that was the one symptom I didn't experience, so i'm not sure about that old wives tale. Excited for our 2 month visit in two weeks, the time seems to be flying by. I just can't wait for him to smile at us :) We have had a lot of sneezing lately, pediatrician says it normal, poor baby. BUT we have had a little bit of coughing & by a little I mean 1 or 2 coughs a day, doesn't seem like a lot, but too a paranoid mother it is!! 


I've decided I need to buckle down on the breast feeding, in my last post, I was told it's all about supply & demand & for some reason that really got me thinking, so for the past few days I've been trying to breast feed every 2-3 hours, it's painful, but I know its worth it for him. The only problem is, my milk supply still isn't increasing by much & he gets very frustrated when he is feeding because not enough comes out for him. We still give him formula when I feel like he truly needs it. Lately its been every 2 hours that he is demanding food, if not he screams till I give it to him. I really dis like the formula, its called Gerber good start. I think all formulas are probably the same, but compared to breast milk, they smell worse, LOOK worse, & make everything else smell worse, plus their sticky. Might sound weird, but I love the way breast milk flows & looks compared to formula, so I feel terrible giving it to him, but nothing is working with the breast milk. I've tried to change my diet, exercise  feeding, not sure what else to look to. We went ahead & bought the hospital pump because I know I'm going to be using it & needing it. It may be expensive, but it's really worth it, it's the nicest one your going to get. So, we are still at 3-4 oz every 2-3 hours.


We haven't got a 6-8 hour stretch in a while, he has been demanding food very quickly. So maybe he has hit a growth spurt, which I read between 4-6 weeks is normal. He sleeps in the nap nanny on my side of the bed, next to the wall & I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't want to get up out of bed when he is crying, I want him right there next to me!! I know they say it's terrible to let them sleep with you because its bad for your relationship with your spouse, dangerous for the baby, and causes the baby to sleep with you till their like five. But honestly, it makes both of us happy where he is & I know he loves it, so until we want to change it, we are keeping it this way. If we swaddle him before bed he seems to sleep longer, with a regular blanket he wakes up from the flailing of his arms & legs & uncovers himself. We keep the windows open right now & a fan on & that seems to be a good temperature for him. He sleeps with his clothes on, because he really doesn't like being naked. We've introduced the sound machine, his favorite is ocean & heartbeat, they really help him sleep, along with the pacifier. The pacifier i'm debating now because they showed a study on the news about how boys in particular tend to have emotional problems later in life with obsessive pacifier use & I seem to be giving it to him a lot, so I think we are going to cut back on that. 

-Lifting head while laying on my chest, only for about a second, he doesn't really lift his head on the floor but defiantly scoots himself forward. He gets too upset if we do too much tummy time.
-I can start to tell a difference in cries. The hunger & diaper sound the same, but the pain & attention cries sound a lot different. They are more of a whimper, compared to the hungry cries which are loud & ongoing.
- Looks directly at you when you are talking to him & looks around for you if he hears your voice
-Sucking on hands
-Loves the sound of loud toys, but doesn't hold them/play with them yet
-Holding himself up, while we are holding him (if that makes since) we stand him up on the floor or our chest & he will stand up & hold his head up as well
-Spitting bubbles
-Loves car rides, cries without music & then when its on he stops


  1. He's a doll! Can't believe how big he's getting :D I had horrible heartburn and Konnor has NO hair so i agree with you in that wives tale. We also co-sleep and I wouldn't have it any other way! I found myself stressing out a lot more when he was in his own bed and I found that he sleeps so much better in our bed. It's not everyone but its def for us :) you're doing great mommy! :)

  2. Awww he's super cute!! Congrats!!

    I breastfed for first 2 months, but had supply problems, too. She neverrr seemed like she was satisfied. At 2 months, I started giving her a bottle of formula only at night, and that slowly turned into more and more formula through out the day. At 3 1/2 months she was only on formula.

    She drinks Enfamil. I've tried literally every other brand and Enfamil seems to be the best for her.

    Looking back I would have tried longer, but hey it's my first and I did what I thought was right for us. Gotta go with momma's instinct! But formula is sooo expensive!! BTW - if you have any second hand stores in your area, check for formula! It's not used obviously or expired. At the grocery store the Enfamil is $24, and at the second hand store it's $15!

  3. such a cute little onesie & he is lucky he has so much hair, my son was bald for the first year lol