Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm 21 Years Old & A Brand New Mommy!!

Adam gave me 120$ to the spa by our house for my birthday. What a perfect gift for a new mommy. I haven't used it yet, but I plan on getting a massage, pedi/mani :)

& a promise ring from Tiffany & Co. 

My friend Jessica & her daughter Riley w/ Matthew & I :)

During the day on my birthday.

Jessica & I.

My first legal alcoholic drink, a ying-yang martini. Godiva white/dark chocolate, topped with icecream & chocolate shavings w/ sky vodka.

Dinner at the Melting Pot.

Me & my lovely drink.

Blowing out my candles, making a wish :)

Before dinner.

Chocolate covered oreo!!

Promise ring wrapped all pretty :)

Melting Pot dessert!! Came with 2 different dipping chocolates.

Destiny & I, she is 30 weeks pregnant :)

My birthday cake.

Even though I just gave birth 6 weeks ago, & I turned 21, I really didn't have the urge to go out & party. I had the best birthday ever with both my boys & my little sister!! I took a few sips of my drink, since i'm breastfeeding & little man came to dinner with us too. It was so special to spend such a big birthday with some of my favorite people. I may be a young mother, but i've always wanted a child, it's what I wished for, for my birthday last year & look where I am now :)

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  1. Happy birthday, lovely pictures btw... I'm still waiting for our babygirl to arrive and I can't tell you, how much I miss having a cocktail or a glass of wine for that matter. :-) Hope You have a great day.