Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 weeks old

Baby Matthew is now 7 weeks old. I can't believe next week is two months, it seems like it was just yesterday a 6 lb baby looked me in the eyes with the brightest eyes & I welcomed him to the world. This is a newborn outfit, but our little boy is wearing 0-3 month footed jammies & we can barely close the buttons on the newborn onsies. The size one diapers are even making his skin a little red now, I actually might try a size 2 on him soon at this rate. He doesn't yet smile on demand, but we can get him to smile some times & I finally got a good photo of it yesterday, on my last post. Matthew's doctor's appointment is next week, but I stepped on the scale last night without him & then held him & it said 12 lbs, but it could be off, I still think he is no less then 11 lbs for sure. His little feet, are not so little as you can see. My baby is growing up fast. We left his sound machine on next to him in this photo so he wouldn't cry :)

I just can't get enough of this little man. His skin is so soft, he is so sweet & innocent. Look at those bright blue eyes, he makes my heart make. He uses his legs to push up into a stand, & loves when we hold him up. He hates laying flat on his back, but loves to be reclined. The swing, nap nanny, & boppy have been real life savors with him. He is starting to see faces very clearly, recognizes Adam & I, & he follows people/objects when they move. He loves the toys that make sounds, especially his elephant that sounds like a bag of chips. He also has a tight grip when it comes to holding your finger & he has begun pulling hair. He loves to be held & cuddled with. 

My milk supply has become even less, so I've been able to get enough milk to breastfeed twice a day & the rest is formula. He actually isn't as fussy now or gassy now that we have pretty much laid off breastfeeding. So maybe the both together was upsetting his stomach or something I was eating everyday was making him upset. I honestly feel guilty & selfish as a mother, but I know that's a common feeling, especially for a new mother. I want to breastfeed more than anything, but its not my fault I can't change the way my body is producing milk unfortunately. He acts the same when I give him either one, & I know he is getting fed & happy & that's what matters to me. We don't yet have a specific sleep schedule or even daily schedule, but we are getting around 5 1/2 hours at night, and on occasion he will wake up every 2 1/2 hours if he isn't comfortable. 

Our schedule goes a little something like this

9 a.m- Breastfeed for 30 minutes in bed.
9:30-12 p.m- Sleep (possible feeding of 2 oz bottle)
12-1- Matthew sits in the swing while I eat breakfast & play on the computer
1-1:30- 4 oz bottle of formula
1:30-4 p.m- Sleep on the boppy in the living room
4- 4:30- 4 oz bottle of formula
4:30-5:30- Tummy time, read books, play on the play mat
5:30-8- Sleep
8-8:30- 4 oz bottle of formula
8:30-12- Sleep a little, bath time, lotion, cuddle
12-12:30- Breastfeed for 30 minutes in bed
12:30-9- Bed time sleeping, normally a feeding in between, but if we're lucky he sleeps till 7 & then wants more food & then sleeps till 9

Of course Adam & I alternate times so I can get out of the house & so can he. Some times we go on walks, or walk up to the town to eat lunch or dinner. Some times we have appointments, or go to the mall. So on, but this is just a rough draft of the day in the life of a newborn baby :) Babies sleep a lot, & my advice is sleep when they are sleeping if you can.


  1. Thanks for your comment! You're little man is so handsome!! Don't blink he'll go from 7 weeks to 7 moths before you know it!

  2. I'm so jealous of your schedule! My baby is 4 months now and sometimes doesn't nap ALL DAY. He's been like that from the beginning. It's heart remaking, really. :)

  3. Hi Katie- Thanks for visiting me at cherry blossoms!
    Congrats on your little man! What a little honey.
    I am sure you are loving mommyhood. Welcome to the club. They grow up way too fast. I can't believe that my little girl will be 2 in December! Eeks
    PS: You look for 7 weeks pp. I had a csection and so i wan't able to start working out 6 weeks later unlike all these celebs you hear having the weight gone in 2 weeks. BS!! Have you tried zumba/ I did zumba and running and that helped a lot. You will get to your goal!