Sunday, September 30, 2012

I think we have hit a milestone. My little Matthew has become a social butterfly out of no where. He turns 2 months this Wednesday & he is already "talking" to us & smiling like crazy. These smiles are melting my heart, it's one thing to see, hold, touch your baby & just love them. But it's another to get RECOGNITION of what your doing. All I have to do is "talk baby" & he is suddenly all smiles.

As my family back home would say "touch down!!". Matthew loves to stand up & be sat up or reclined. He can't stand being on his back. Just interacting with us is probably his favorite part of the day & defiantly for us as well. I love the baby gap clothes, all the little rocker stuff & guitars, are too cute. I'm not all for the super baby looking stuff :)

Adam has been such a wonderful daddy. I couldn't get these smiles without him :) I know Matthew loves spending time with him. They are so alike already. 

How cute is that? He loves when you put the pacifier up to his mouth & then take it away & repeat. That seems to be extremely funny to him. So far I have gotten 2-4 real giggles out of him & this was one of those times. 

This morning while I propped him up before changing him when we woke up for the day, he decided he was going to tell me a story. Cooing & making a sort of whiny sound, it was absolutely adorable. Not sure what his first word is going to be one day, but I love these noises, especially since he has replaced the crying with them, I think he likes to hear himself!!

Smiles for miles :) Almost 2 months old & I still can't believe i'm getting this much interaction with him. I am cherishing these times as much as possible. I can't get enough of this little guy. He really enjoys being propped up on his boppy.

He doesn't quite yet fit in his city mini stroller, but we are still putting him in it & strapping him in. Today we went shopping & this was his first time wearing shoes, these darling ones are from Old Navy. I don't think he liked the idea of shoes at first, but after a while he didn't even notice. His feet are so big, I don't think he will be wearing the average baby size shoe when it comes time to start walking. Swaddles don't really work for going out, blankets are the best for that.

Matthew looks just like his daddy used to when he was little. He is getting chubby, & filling in for sure. He is my little fashionister. His hair naturally combs over like this, it is so adorable.

I'm going to keep saying it until everyone with a baby gets a nap nappy, this thing is a life saver. I don't care what it takes to convince your husband, wife, bf/gf to get it, but you must have it. He loves this thing & so do we. I bet it would be extremely helpful for babies with acid reflex as well.

We aren't huge fans of hats, only because he has a big head & it is full of hair. Too cute to cover up in my opinion. I love this little outfit though, so we had to have the matching hat with it. I love the sleepers because they are so light weight and covers all his body so he doesn't get cold. Plus zippers are so much easier than buttons for some reason. 

Just lounging during story time, while I read Eric Carl's Brown Bear story. He loved the colors, his little eyes would get so bright every time I turned the page. Books with out pictures are not suitable for children, that's for sure :)

& to end this post I would like to show off his cute little tush in these monkey jammies. He is my little monkey butt. 


  1. Awe how cute is his smile!!! He's getting so big

  2. He is getting so big, and I love his full head of hair!!

  3. His little comb over is to die for! You are going to have a heart breaker on your hands one day!!

  4. What a cutie! We love the Nap Nanny too, it's seriously the best invention ever!

  5. What a gorgeous little boy! You are making me so excited for my own new buba (due Feb). Following.Rx

  6. He is so adorable and definitely a smiley guy. My son is 5 months old and doesn't smile too often.. what a grump haha!

  7. What a cutie and such a happy boy!

  8. I am absolutely pouring over this post!! He is adorable and I love that little grey sweater. With his little comb-over he looks like a mini old man :) SOOO cute!

  9. He is just precious, those smiles are beautiful!