Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Advice For New Mommies

buying for a new baby

1. Spend all your extra money on diapers & wipes. Don't buy a ton of newborn, your baby may not even fit into newborn, either way, you know you are going to need a few packs of size 1 & newborns before they get here. Check on eBay, craigslist, Facebook garage sale sites, amazon for diapers, & always buy in bulk. Wipes will always be needed as long as the child is in diapers so just stock up.

2. Don't buy brand new baby clothes for 15-35$ for just one onsie/outfit. Check out consignment stores, TjMaxx/Marshalls, you can get name brand stuff from those places for 5-10$ or less, so doesn't it seem silly to spend so much on something that isn't name brand?

3. Four burp cloths isn't going to cut it unless you do baby laundry every day. Matthew didn't spit up much in the beginning, but now he spits up several times a day. All over his shirt, face, hands, arms & you. They are like mini towels you just cart around with you.

4. You need two changing pad waterproof covers, so if one gets wet you have a back up. You need two changing pad COVERS for the same reason, two crib sheets, & two waterproof mattress crib protectors.

5. Unless you are only breastfeeding, without a pump or bottle or not breastfeeding at all, then ignore this. But if you are using a pump your going to have a lot of parts to clean after each session, & if you bottle feed two that's even more parts to clean. Don't buy one of those spin bottle dryers unless you plan on buying a drying rack that can hold all the breast pump parts as well, cause I promise you those breast pump parts aren't going on the bottle dryer. The "grass" looking one I have, costs the same & holds EVERYTHING.

6. Baby blankets are soft, traditional, so on. Of course you need a few to just lay over them in the stroller or where ever. But honestly, unless your a professional swaddler, your child is going to flail out of the blankets, you need actual SWADDLES like the summer, gr animals, whatever brand, the Velcro holds it tight & the baby sleeps longer at night.

7. Buy a lot of different pacifiers if your going to use them, ones that scoop, ones with a bar to attach a pacifier holder, big ones, small ones, ones that are perfectly circular, some babies are PICKY.

8. You don't need a crib, nap nanny, bassinet, cradle, & co-sleeper. A crib & one other thing would be reasonable.

9. You also don't need a swing & bouncer in my opinion. Just choose one, your mainly holding your infant any way or putting them in a boppy or nap nanny to sleep. The only thing a bouncer does that a swing doesn't is vibrate.

10. Get a sound machine, practically stops crying instantly. Don't buy anything that you don't want to listen to yourself.

11. Wraps are difficult, try a few out & actually put babies in them before you pick one.

12. Some unscented wipes, actually smell TERRIBLE, like dirty feet.

13. Buy a swing that plugs in, so you aren't constantly buying batteries.

14. 4 scratch mittens isn't enough unless like I said before you do baby laundry everyday. They stick them in their mouth, get milk & spit up on them & they touch everything.

Just some of the things I've learned so far, take it or leave it :)


  1. I'm bookmarking this for the future! Good advice! :)

  2. I have a 16 month and she hated her vibrating chair and only used the swing a handful of times. Great advice! Being a new mom you think you need everything, so not true. One thing we did find out is that once our daughter got older and stronger she was able to wiggle out of her SwaddleMe. Great tip is to use a smaller banket wrapped around the baby befor you swaddle. Also a great brand for a swaddle blanket is The Miracle Blanket. We used it all the way up till 8 months!

  3. Thanks for posting this!!! Definitely great advice for an expecting first time mama :)