Monday, September 24, 2012

The Beginning of Fall


Adam has started another job. I can't explain how proud I am of him for going to school, & working to jobs with little Matthew at home & still finding time for the both of us. It's a finance job that works off commission at first & then becomes salary, so we will see how it goes :)

This is our second family photo, our cute little family of three. I love these boys so much.

Little man is technically still in newborn clothes at almost 7 weeks old, this is a 0-3 month & it swallows him, but the newborns are beginning to get tight. This is his "Potty Like A Rock star" onsie & this was the first time we tried a bigger outfit.


Can anyone guess what these are?


I wanted to start off fall by making some red hot apples for Adam & my sister. My mom used to make them in the fall when I was a kid & I hadn't had them in ages. They are something for the whole family to enjoy!!


  • Put 3 cups sugar, 2 cups water, 1 Tbs. red hots, and 1 Tbs. red food coloring in a skillet and put on medium low heat to begin dissolving the sugar. Stir occasionally. Peel and core the apples. Remove all the seeds carefully. Rinse the apples. Place the apples in the skillet. Increase the heat to medium so liquid will reach a boil. Turn the apples from time to time so that they cook evenly. Once they are boiling, cook about 30 minutes. The apples become brighter red as they cook. The texture and firmness change to a rather elastic sponginess. At this point they are done. Place the apples in a bowl or dish. Cover with a few more spoonfuls of the syrup to keep them moist and colorful.

    1. The picture of Matthew with all of his hair sticking up makes my heart melt! I love it!

    2. Awww what a cutie Matthew is! :)

    3. What a cutie pie you have! Our little guy was in newborn clothes for quite awhile too. Love red hot apples! Yum, great way to start Fall for sure!

    4. The three of you all look so cute! Congrats on the new job.