Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Month Old....

I can't believe Matthew is already a month old, everyone always tells you how fast they grow up & I believe it now!! I feel like it's probably because I barely get any sleep & the days just fall into each other :) Our one month checkup is on the 10th, very excited to see how he is progressing.

Not as good as before, he can go about 2 1/2 hours before demanding food. He sleeps a lot more during the day then at night, some times he will sleep up to four hours at night, only sometimes though!!

He wants more now, and i'm still only pumping 30 ml in 15 minutes with a double pump, so now that ups the need for more formula. We are still using Gerber good start. I really didn't want to use formula, I just didn't realize I was going to have such a low supply of breast milk. Some times I feed him 120 ml at a feeding because he will keep crying until he is full.

He is scrunching up & grunting a lot, his poop looks normal but I really think he is still constipated. I blame the formula!!

-Loves NOISE
-Wiggle worm
-Holding hands, LOVES
-UMBILICAL CORD CAME OUT, yay, excited to give him his first bath!!
-Still in newborn diapers
-Tons more hair, & it's actually getting lighter
-Doesn't like the bedroom when its dark, he wants a nightlight


  1. Wow I can't believe he's a month old already

  2. A month old!!! Wow, how time flies! He still looks so little and perfect!

  3. Look at all that hair! awesome stickys as well :)


  4. What handsome little fella! He's a cute little stinker! xoxo

  5. So cute!! I love his one month onesie!