Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Month Favorites....

1.Nap Nanny- We use this all day & all night. He sleeps in this, on our bed, against the wall. No one can roll over on him, he is sitting up in case of choking & the fabric is minky. He falls right asleep, when he isn't awake this is where he is at & that is over half the time. Its also lightweight to carry from upstairs to downstairs (just don't do it with the baby in it :))
2.Grass Drying Rack- Even though I am using bottles for formula, I'm also using bottles for breast feeding along with all the pump materials for breastfeeding. They don't fall out of this & dry super fast. It's easy to cart around & has plenty of room for everything. We leave it right by our bathroom sink for late night feedings.
3.Boogie Wipes- I figure I will use these more later, but I've already used them a lot. He gets boogers of course, but mainly when he has formula on his face. They smell great too!!
4.Life Factory Glass Bottles- I don't like all the controversy about plastic bottles. I really like these, there are 4 oz & 8 oz. We use two 4 oz bottles right now, I would actually even recommend one or two more for convenience!! They have a silicon wrap around them so they won't break & are super easy to clean. 

5.Satsuma Scratch mittens- These are the only mittens we own that DON'T FALL OFF!! We have three pairs from target that work OK, but these ones are by far the best & they are super soft. I would recommend buying more than four scratch mittens total whether they are these ones or not, because I always find that they are all dirty when I need a pair. 
6.Pacifiers- I'm not sure which brand these are, but we got them at Walmart. They don't have a scoop nipple on them, they are just flat & round. He really doesn't like the scoop ones & neither do I, I don't think they look like a normal nipple if you ask me. But they are lightweight so they don't fall out of his mouth as easily. 
7.Medela disposable nursing pads- I wear these all day & all night, because if I didn't, maybe TMI, but I would leak everywhere. They don't bother you & you don' t even realize they are there. Plus you just throw them away when your done with them. 
8.Summer Infant Swaddle Me- I really like these, because no matter how much your infant squirms they aren't getting out of these, they velcro shut. They are lightweight so they don't get too hot & they honestly make him stop crying instantly. 
9.Pampers Swaddlers Newborn- Matthew is still wearing newborn, but these are by far my favorite diapers, they have a yellow line down the middle & when they pee it turns blue so you know the diaper is dirty, they don't leak, & they have a scoop in the front for when the umbilical cord is still attached. 
10.Medela Lanolin- Even though I don't breastfeed 100% of the time, I still do it enough to have cracked/sore nipples & I'm not lying, this instantly relieves the pain.


  1. I would agree with all of these, although we used dr.browns bottles we did have some glass ones. & my sister is due in october & just received the swaddle blankets I am curious to see how well they work, everyone is raving about them :)


    1. I heard the anais & aden swaddles are awesome too!!

  2. New follower saying Hello! I wish I would have known about the Nap Nanny with my babies. They both slept in the Boppy early on and I was always having to readjust them a lot.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog loving yours! He is solo precious congrats! I need to checkout those mittens one thing we still need :)