Monday, October 8, 2012

2 Month Favorites....

1. City Mini Jogging Stroller- I love this stroller. The front wheel swivels perfectly, you can make a 360 just standing in the same place. The setback is buying the extras like the parent console & infant insert & tray, but its worth it. The back reclines so the child can sleep, there are two sun roofs, & a large place to stuff your diaper bag underneath. 
2. Boppy & Cover- I got this boppy cover off a friend from Etsy BaileeBugBoutique  I also got my blanket, bumbo cover, car seat cover & changing pad cover from her. She did an awesome job. I love the boppy because it is used for multiple reasons. You can just lay them on their back & have them rest on it, you can wrap it around you to breastfeed or while your holding them so your arms don't get worn out, or you can lay them flat on it (elevated) so they can do tummy time. I guess you could even use it as an over sized neck pillow if you really wanted too :)
3. Itz Been Timer- If you forget everything, this is for you. It tells you the last time the baby was changed, fed, slept, and has a timer for when you breast feed with a switch for right & left boob to keep track. 
4. Johnson's Hand & Face wipes- For a while I was using the booger wipes for everything, but realized they were too sticky, so I found these & their great. Babies always have boogers, drool, formula, breast milk, anything & everything on their face & these aren't sticky, smell good, & make the babies face super clean again.
5. Gerber Good Start Formula- We started using this as soon as he was born, because I didn't have enough milk to give him. This is what the hospital was giving, so I didn't want to change up formulas on him. So far, this has been a great formula, no constipation issues or anything.
6. Nap Nanny- I know this was on my one month favorites, but seriously, I say it all the time, just get one!! Matthew sleeps in this all night long, for like 5 1/2 hours. He sleeps reclined which is so much more comfortable for a lot of babies & it sits right on our bed against the wall on my side. I love the cover too, its made out of mink material, so soft.
7. Lamb Papesan Fisher Price Swing- I will say I should have purchased a swing that plugs into the wall instead of being battery operated, BUT, either way its a swing & Matthew loves it. The material this ones uses is so soft, there are several different sounds (the crickets are his favorite), it swings back & forth, & front to back, & the mobile above it moves in circles. Also a detachable tray in front with toys on it. 
8. Blooming Bath- FORGET THE PLASTIC TUBS, this is the real deal. Super soft, which as you can see from this post are my favorite words. What baby doesn't like super soft stuff? All you do is ring it out when your done, & also all you do is just set it in the sink. Plus, its so cute, how could you not want it? It's like putting your infant in a sink full of towels, just easier maintenance. 
9. Bright Stars Elephant Crinkle Toy- Matthew instantly stops crying & stares at this thing in shock when we touch it. It sounds a bag of chips & for some reason he loves it. & as an addition it has teethers on the bottom of it. 
10. Homedics Sound Machine- If we didn't have this I don't think we would be able to get him to go to sleep, or stay asleep. The sounds literally sooth him to sleep & keep him asleep. There is no other way to put it. I think his favorite is the ocean noise, or the heartbeat. But I throw this thing in my diaper bag even when we go places & use it. It's so tiny & portable. 


  1. Looking into getting a nap nanny but a bit nervous about some of the negative press it's been getting. Do you think it makes a real difference? Rx

  2. I have never seen that blooming bath before! That is so cute. I'll have to get one of those for baby #2.

    Thanks for the follow! Following back. :-)


  3. I might have to get Kendall a nap nanny

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my Before I was a mom post. Yes I did write it

  4. great list!!
    and thanks so much for your sweet comment! i cant wait to watch my sweet girl grow and learn!

  5. Really like your list. We loved our Nap Nanny too! And that face and hand wipes are a must and the sound machine we still use every night!

  6. I have that swing and the baby boy is sleeping in it right now! And I love that sound machine too!